2 may, 15:59

"I’m not ruling anything out" to prevent Russian victory in Ukraine, including French troop deployment – Macron

25 apr, 16:56

"An indispensable condition for our security is preventing Russia from winning the aggressive war it is waging in Ukraine" – Macron

27 feb, 08:32

Macron announces coalition to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles

10 feb, 16:56

Zelensky and Macron discuss Ukraine's defense needs and security agreement via phone call

17 jan, 10:57

France to send Ukraine 40 long-range Scalp missiles and "several hundred bombs"

10 dec, 15:37

Zelensky discusses Ukraine's EU accession and military aid during phone call with Macron

3 sep, 18:19

Zelensky and Macron discuss Odesa security after Russia's shelling by night

13 jun, 09:45

France steps up weapons supply to Ukraine in support of counteroffensive in Russia-occupied territories

7 jun, 20:32

Zelensky holds talks with Macron on Kakhovka dam explosion and Ukraine's defense capabilities

Video, photo
15 may, 17:31

France to supply Ukraine with armored vehicles and light tanks in coming weeks

30 apr, 19:20

Zelensky and Macron held phone conversation, France promised Ukraine a "powerful armored package"

15 apr, 18:11

Zelensky and Macron discuss French leader's China visit and Ukraine's front situation during phone call

6 apr, 16:53

China's leader to speak to Zelensky "when conditions are right" – von der Leyen

1 apr, 16:04

Zelensky and Macron discuss "peace formula" and front events in phone call

25 feb, 17:12

Macron calls on China to pressure Putin on the war in Ukraine

24 feb, 20:59

WSJ: Macron and Scholz encourage Zelensky for peace talks

20 feb, 09:40

Macron "wasting his time" in dialogue with russia – Zelensky

17 feb, 16:49

Macron: Peace negotiations still impossible while russia chooses war

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