21 sep, 10:52

Countries neutral to war in Ukraine are complicit with russia – Macron

30 aug, 14:18

Zelensky and Macron discuss mission to Zaporizhzhia NPP

5 jul, 14:55

Sholz and Macron discussed supporting Ukraine at Paris meeting

16 jun, 21:07

Macron confirms restrictions on sending aircraft and tanks to Ukraine

16 jun, 14:46

Zelensky meets leaders of France, Germany and Italy in Kyiv

16 jun, 12:41

Leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania arrive in Irpin, Kyiv region

16 jun, 08:37

Scholz, Macron and Draghi arrive in Ukraine by special train

15 jun, 20:15

Macron, Draghi, and Scholz plan to make a joint trip to Ukraine on Thursday

15 jun, 14:19

Macron: russia is the aggressor and Zelensky will have to negotiate with russia

13 jun, 14:04

Macron, Scholz, and Draghi plan to visit Kyiv on June 16, media report

17 may, 19:46

Zelensky talked to Macron: details

13 may, 14:29

Zelensky: Macron offered to make concessions on Ukraine's sovereignty to save putin's face

25 apr, 15:33

Macron promises to tighten sanctions against russia after his re-election

15 apr, 09:48

The EU is finally preparing a gradual oil embargo against russia

13 apr, 12:29

Macron considers Ukrainians and russians brothers, does not rush to call russia's actions against Ukraine genocide

29 mar, 21:42

Macron talked with Putin again: they discussed the issue of evacuation from Mariupol

17 mar, 22:36

Macron says war in Ukraine has been an "electric shock" for NATO

12 mar, 17:33

After a conversation with Putin, Macron and Scholz discussed with Zelenskyy Russia's crimes

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