10 mar, 21:08

IAEA re-elects Grossi for second term – Reuters

26 jan, 21:13

Ukraine will receive $2 million from Sweden to strengthen nuclear security

10 jan, 16:24

IAEA monitoring missions will be deployed at all Ukrainian nuclear power plants

23 dec, 20:05

IAEA to deploy permanent teams at Ukraine's nuclear power plants

2 dec, 14:26

IAEA Director General hopes Zaporizhzhia NPP zone of physical and nuclear safety will be created by end of year

24 oct, 21:26

Ukrainian nuclear facilities open to IAEA today - Reznikov

19 oct, 12:42

ZNPP Security Zone: UN nuclear chief to visit Ukraine and russia

14 oct, 23:30

IAEA: Back-up power to Zaporizhzhia NPP restored

8 oct, 21:02

IAEA chief announces urgent steps to protect Zaporizhzhia NPP

8 oct, 19:44

EU does not recognize russia’s seizure of ZNPP, calls for reinforced IAEA presence at site

3 oct, 12:44

UN nuclear chief goes to Kyiv and Moscow to bat for nuclear security zone

27 sep, 08:58

IAEA started negotiations on creation of nuclear safety zone at ZNPP

20 sep, 17:57

It is necessary to urgently create protective zone of nuclear safety at ZNPP — IAEA

17 sep, 17:56

ZNPP reconnected to Ukrainian power grid – IAEA

15 sep, 19:13

IAEA demands that russia withdraw its troops from Zaporizhzhia NPP

9 sep, 19:22

IAEA head called for immediate creation of a "security zone" around ZNPP

7 sep, 10:29

ISW: Putin may create new "Minsk agreements" using IAEA report on ZNPP

6 sep, 18:10

IAEA confirms russia deploying military equipment and troops at Zaporizhzhia NPP

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