18 jun, 20:13

Ukrainian soldiers shoot down Russian attack helicopter worth $16 mln

16 jun, 17:21

Sweden to train Ukrainian pilots on its JAS 39 Gripen jets with new military aid package

15 jun, 16:15

Russia has already lost five times more helicopters in Ukraine than in the two wars in Ichkeria – AFU

10 jun, 17:51

Canada officially joins "coalition of fighter jets"

2 jun, 16:16

Eight countries have joined "coalition of fighter jets"

1 jun, 20:29

Fighter jet coalition: Zelensky to discuss supply of warplanes to Ukraine at Ramstein

25 may, 17:13

Ukrainian pilots get to practice flying Swedish-made Gripen jets – defense minister

24 may, 14:33

Germany may support "coalition of fighter jets" for Ukraine – German air force chief

21 may, 21:15

Biden has no final decision on transferring F-16s to Ukraine

20 may, 16:03

Ukraine's defense minister announces next Ramstein meeting

20 may, 09:49

Denmark to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 – Defense Minister Poulsen

20 may, 09:07

US confirms participation in fighter jet coalition for Ukraine, allies to discuss transfer of F-16s to Kyiv

19 may, 19:11

Biden endorses joint F-16 training for Ukrainian forces – CNN

18 may, 17:33

NATO defense ministers will discuss supplying jets to Ukraine at June meeting – Spiegel

18 may, 14:46

US objects to Ukrainian pilots training on F-16s in Europe

17 may, 13:03

Poland is ready to continue supplying MiG-29 jets to Ukraine – Duda

17 may, 10:46

Netherlands and UK will lead "international coalition" to provide Ukraine with F-16s

16 may, 10:49

Ukraine wants to receive 40-50 F-16 fighter jets from partners

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