7 may, 10:36

Cabinet of Ministers is working on providing medical oxygen to India - Shmyhal

5 may, 17:31

Ministry of Health destroyed data on public figures waiting for vaccination out of turn

4 may, 11:08

Why Ukrainians don't want to do covid vaccination: survey results

4 may, 09:11

Ukraine didn't receive the vaccine from the European community despite the EU's declaration - Zelenskyi

29 apr, 15:43

At least 70% of the population will be vaccinated by the end of the year - Liashko

28 apr, 12:15

On May 1, Kyiv eases quarantine restrictions

23 apr, 09:01

Why are kids dying of coronavirus: how to protect your child

21 apr, 13:35

Cabinet of Ministers extends state of emergency due to coronavirus situation in Ukraine

19 apr, 12:30

Chinese vaccine SinoVac: how it works and when everyone will be vaccinated

16 apr, 13:14

Ukraine needs 3 years to produce its own covid vaccine - Stepanov

9 apr, 17:03

Covid passport: what is it and when will Ukrainians get it?

9 apr, 12:51

Klychko proposes to Cabinet to introduce a national lockdown

9 apr, 08:59

Klychko doesn't rule out that quarantine restrictions may be tightened in Kyiv

2 apr, 11:33

Ukraine records a strain of coronavirus that is more aggressive than the British one

30 mar, 10:44

Tensions with covid beds in Kyiv and 4 regions, stability in western region - Stepanov

26 mar, 13:40

Number of Covid-19 patients continues to increase in Kyiv hospitals

26 mar, 09:17

Ukraine will start using the CoronaVac vaccine only after lab control - Liashko

25 mar, 10:27

Third wave despite vaccination. What's happening in Ukraine and the world, and what to expect from coronavirus?

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