15 oct, 10:36

russian missile strike on Kyiv region’s energy infrastructure may again lead to rolling blackouts

13 oct, 13:15

Ukraine withstands russia's missile attack on its energy

17 sep, 20:27

France Aims to Cut Energy Consumption 10% This Winter to Avoid Outages

15 sep, 18:11

Zelensky discussed with EC's President supply of electricity to EU

9 sep, 11:26

Furniture company provides itself and thousands of families with energy from waste in Lviv

26 aug, 14:44

Germany's eco-friendly passenger trains run on hydrogen

11 aug, 11:32

Europe's largest solar power plant launched in west of Spain

10 aug, 14:06

"Green" energy price in Ukraine is lower than conventional electricity in Europe

27 jul, 18:47

EU confirmed plans to double electricity import from Ukraine

12 may, 10:35

russian troops destroyed almost all Luhansk region's critical infrastructure: region left without water and electricity

3 may, 22:13

Missile strike on Lviv damages three electrical substations

16 mar, 16:40

Official: Ukrainian energy system has merged with European one

28 feb, 09:21

No large Ukrainian energy facility was damaged - Ukrenergo

11 nov, 11:10

Electricity production from renewable energy sources in Ukraine increased by 10%

What's Happening
26 oct, 13:42

Global energy crisis: what decisions is Ukraine making?

22 oct, 16:12

Kherson region plans to build a wind farm with a capacity of 73 MW

28 jul, 12:43

Electricity for population will not rise in price from Aug 1 – Zelenskyi

15 jul, 12:50

The EU intends to recognize a special legal regime for Ukrainian electricity

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