28 jun, 10:27

The first ash experimental road in Ukraine was built in Prykarpattia: how it looks like today

29 may, 10:58

Ukrainian military push Russians away from Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway

6 apr, 12:35

Zhytomyr highway is being cleared in Kyiv region: a bulk bridge will be built across the Irpin River

22 jan, 17:02

Zelenskyy opens Ukraine's largest cable-stayed bridge in Zaporizhia

10 jan, 09:00

Transport collapse in Kyiv: how to solve the eternal problem of traffic jams

24 dec, 11:27

President Zelenskyy reveals how many kilometers of roads were built in 2021

22 dec, 12:25

More than 60% of Ukrainians see improvements in roads and technology in 2021, a survey says

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13 oct, 17:30

Checklist for safe driving on autumn-winter roads

13 oct, 09:12

The first projected pedestrian crossing in Ukraine tested in Vinnytsia: photo

11 oct, 09:46

A Berlin cushion installed near a school in Lviv: photo

6 oct, 07:50

Penalty points for drivers: how a new tool can save lives on Ukrainian roads

17 sep, 10:18

In Poltava region, noise protection screens installed along H31 road: photo

14 sep, 16:23

Arsenii Pushkarenko: "Big Construction" is an unprecedented development of infrastructure in the country

2 sep, 12:50

Roundabouts on roads: pros, cons, solutions

11 jul, 19:10

Airport, bridge and railway to be reconstructed in Zhytomyr – mayor

11 mar, 09:27

New traffic rules: what a driver should know about in 2021

11 jan, 18:00

Flowers instead of roads? How infrastructure is developing in frontline areas

2 dec, 09:12

We can avoid tragedies at bus stops. Pedestrian protection solutions

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