Czech Republic

9 mar, 17:03

Former NATO general Petr Pavel sworn in as Czech president

17 feb, 10:54

Czech Republic to produce air defense systems for Ukraine

6 feb, 16:46

Czech NGO to provide cash aid to Ukrainians affected by war

29 jan, 09:17

Newly elected Czech president plans to visit Kyiv

18 jan, 08:57

EU's €18 bn isn't enough for Ukraine – Czech finance minister

1 jan, 10:48

Sweden taking over EU Presidency from Czech Republic

30 nov, 09:36

Czech Parliament authorized training of Ukrainian military on its territory

18 nov, 19:53

Ukraine will jointly produce and develop heavy weapons and military equipment with at least six NATO members

16 nov, 14:25

Czech Parliament approved resolution declaring russian regime terrorist

10 nov, 18:41

Ukrainian and Czech defense enterprises will create a joint cluster

28 oct, 15:18

Zelensky awards Rescuer City title to Prague

25 oct, 13:15

Entry ban for russians under Schengen visas comes into force in Czech Republic

21 oct, 18:08

Ukraine to receive 100 air monitoring stations donated by Czechs: some named after dogs

17 sep, 16:08

Czech Republic calls for immediate special tribunal for Russian war criminals

29 aug, 20:53

Czech Republic will receive German Leopard tanks instead of those sent to Ukraine by the end of the year

20 jul, 12:30

Czech and Austrian foreign ministers visit Kyiv

5 jul, 13:10

Ukraine's commander-in-chief thanks Poland and the Czech Republic for tanks for Ukrainian defenders

23 jun, 14:53

Czech Republic plans to get rid of its dependence on russian energy in five years

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