Roman Kostyuchenko

17 nov, 13:53

Belarus, migrants and the border: crisis for Europe and challenge for Ukraine. What's happening and what are the solutions?

18 oct, 08:38

Prytula won't be the new Zelenskyy. Why is he creating his party?

What's Happening
7 oct, 11:45

Razumkov is no longer Rada's chairperson. What's next?

What's Happening
5 oct, 20:05

Dual citizenship in Ukraine: advantages, threats, and pitfalls

What's Happening
10 sep, 14:15

Big resignations, Rada dissolution, legalize. What will the 2021 political autumn bring to Ukraine?

9 sep, 09:35

From linguist to tester: how to start to work in IT from scratch

7 sep, 14:50

Сhurch aims at secular education, Ministry of Education doesn't mind. What is the solution for parents?

What's Happening
6 sep, 20:12

Between Zelenskyy and Putin: results of the talks with Biden

3 sep, 08:47

Pensions aren't in the cards for 40-year-olds: why Minister of Finance shouldn't have said that and what he offers in return

1 sep, 08:55

Ukraine is anticipating a lockdown. When it's coming and how it will look

What's Happening
30 aug, 08:25

Zelenskyy's Big Fleet: can Ukraine build it, and what will we do with it?

People of Action
29 aug, 15:20

Not all heroes wear capes. Profession: stray cats rescuers

27 aug, 14:03

In Ukraine, it's allowed again to disconnect the population from utilities for debts. What does it mean?

19 aug, 17:15

"Chemistry" needs to develop between Zelenskyy and Biden: what can Ukraine expect from Washington presidential meeting

18 aug, 19:45

"Afghan scenario": what Ukraine should expect in relations with the US and war with Russia

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