Olexander Partsey

What's Happening
7 may, 10:45

Poroshenko's show-off, Yermak's intrigue, and quiet Nuland. How was Blinken's visit, and what will happen next

What's Happening
29 apr, 09:05

Vitrenko takes revenge on Koboliev. How a failed minister became Zelenskyi's man in Naftogaz

What's Happening
26 apr, 16:58

They no longer believe in Stepanov, but he stays. What should Zelenskyi do with the Minister of Health?

What's Happening
15 apr, 15:01

Putin's bluff or approaching war? What Kremlin wants from Zelenskyi in Donbas

6 apr, 17:23

Virastiuk's victory is a signal for Zelenskyi. What have Rada by-elections shown?

What's Happening
1 apr, 19:28

Yermak's revenge, suffering for Kolomoiskyi, or a real thing? Why they want to convict Semenchenko

What's Happening
30 mar, 12:56

The song is over. Why "Voice" absorbed itself and what'll happen to Rudyk's party

What's Happening
29 mar, 13:23

"Now it's a constitutional crisis": why Zelenskyi's decision on Tupytskyi will create new problems for Ukraine

26 mar, 15:16

Secret doors, closed curtains, conspiracy at entrance: how elite restaurants in Kyiv get round lockdown

What's Happening
25 mar, 09:32

Sord's story as Ukraine's diagnosis. Why ATO soldier's detention drew such a response

What's Happening
23 mar, 18:01

Banks are against everyone: how business in Ukraine is trying to reduce a commission for acquiring, and what happens

What's Happening
13 mar, 14:39

Zelenskyi gathers everyone up in his fist. What happened on sidelines of "Servant of the People" Congress

What's Happening
10 mar, 15:10

Zelenskyi provoked the dragon. What's happening in Donbas

9 mar, 09:21

Demonstration which became Orange Revolution forerunner turns 20. Why "Ukraine without Kuchma" ended in mass fights and where we went wrong later

What's Happening
3 mar, 11:05

Three Shevchenkos, Virastiuk, Zvirobii, and Akhmetov's man. How oligarchs and the government are fighting for two seats in the Verkhovna Rada

What's Happening
26 feb, 18:15

War started in Ukraine 7 years ago. Does Zelenskyi have a chance to finish it?

People of Action
25 feb, 10:01

People telling the world about cyborgs, war, and accurate history. How Ukrainians reclaim Wikipedia from Russians

What's Happening
24 feb, 14:21

Gambit for Zelenskyi. Why Sternenko case will become President's defeat

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