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What to visit in Cherkasy region: Taras Shevchenko's spots, Europe's largest Buddhist temple, and Cossack glory

And incredible nature! We explain what are the best locations you need to go to

And incredible nature! We explain what are the best locations you need to go to

In August this year, the Cherkasy region received its brand. It's the message: "Cherkasy region is a place of power." It was chosen by Cherkasy from more than 230 proposed slogans.

Yes, indeed, the Cherkasy region is a place where everything is full of history, incredible power, and energy. The key places for Ukrainian history are concentrated on the territory of the region: the homeland of Taras Shevchenko, the Chyhyryn region, Kholodnyi Yar, the largest settlement of Trypillia culture in the world near the village of Lehedzyno. One of the seven wonders of Ukraine is Sofiivka Park in Uman. Here is Europe's largest Buddhist temple "White Lotus," one of the oldest oaks in Europe, the Dnieper slopes, ancient canyons, and unique attractions. As well as many charming places where you can just relax and admire the majestic nature.

We've gathered the most fascinating places in the Cherkasy region.

🏡.  Nation's power. Taras's places

Chernecha Hora, Kaniv

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

The recent history of the Chernecha Hora in Kaniv began on May 22, 1861, when Taras Shevchenko was buried here by his will. Chernecha Hora was chosen because it's the only mountain in the Cherkasy region, Shevchenko's homeland, which broods over the Dnieper. Immediately, Kaniv residents renamed the mountain Taras Hill.

At the foot of Taras Hill, you'll be greeted by 19 sculptures of Shevchenko's characters. It's Shevchenko Alley. The stairs to Taras Hill have almost 400 steps. They were made in such a way as not to cut down trees, so they often change their direction. The mountain offers magnificent views of the left bank of the Dnieper. And even higher, like a mound, rises Shevchenko's grave. Above it, a bronze figure of the Kobzar stands on a majestic pedestal.

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

For a long time, the tsarist authorities forbade not only arranging any events at the poet's burial place but even installing a crucifix. Only 23 years later, the tomb was put in order. A monumental cast-iron monument-cross was erected, the author of which was Academician of Architecture Viktor Sychuhov. The modern monument was erected in 1939, at the same time as the Taras Shevchenko literary-memorial museum, which now houses more than 20 thousand exhibits, among which the most valuable are Shevchenko's etchings and memorials. Rare editions of his poetry, archival photographs, and documents, works of folk art, and works by famous artists are also presented here.

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

Taras Chamber

Above the slope, you can see the restored "Taras Chamber," the first folk museum of Kobzar, which was built in 1884. In one half of it, there was an exposition, and the grave caretaker Ivan Yadlovsky lived in the other. This Kaniv resident, who had known Shevchenko in his youth, spent half a century caring for his grave. He cared for trees and flowers, created many things himself, and greeted visitors daily, fed them, and drank tea from the healing herbs collected nearby. In the modern "Taras Chamber," one of the rooms is occupied by an exhibition dedicated to the devoted custodian of the poet's ashes.

Taras Hill has become a shrine for many Ukrainians, every year thousands of his admirers and Ukrainian patriots come here because of the power of Shevchenko's spirit.

Having visited this mountain near the grave of Kobzar, you'll feel the power of the word about the mighty Dnieper and the cliffs, you'll feel incredible emotions!

How to get there: in Kaniv, walk down Oleha Koshovoha Street to the "Snizhynka" cafe. Then cross the road twice to the "Shevchenko Square" bus stop. Then take bus №2 to the final stop. Then go up the stairs to the tomb of Taras Shevchenko.

Taras Shevchenko Homeland National Reserve

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

Monument to the young poet in Shevchenkovo

To preserve the Shevchenko memorial sites, the Taras Shevchenko Homeland Reserve was created. The reserve includes the following places: Shevchenkove (or Kerelivka), Moryntsi, Budyshche, and Vilshany. These settlements, one way or another, are connected with Shevchenko's life.

In Moryntsi on March 9, 1814, in the family of serfs Hryhorii and Kateryna Shevchenko, a future poet, artist, one of the spiritual fathers of the Ukrainian people, was born. A memorial stone was erected in Soviet times on the site of the house where the great poet was born, and Moryntsi was made a tourist center, a place of pilgrimage for many admirers of Taras's work. Here in the house of Taras's grandfather, Yakym Boiko was restored.

At the end of 1815, Shevchenko's family moved to the neighboring Kerelivka, where Taras's father was born. In Shevchenkovo or Kerelivka, Taras Shevchenko grew up and formed as a person.

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

In Budyshche, in the possession of the landowner Engelhardt, one summer he was a Cossack. In the park near the estate of Engelhardt, three 1000-year-old oaks grow, named after Shevchenko. In one of them, the future artist and poet hid his drawings. Also in Budyshche, you can see a windmill from the time of Taras.

And from Vilshany, the poet took the first step towards recognition, towards world fame.

How to get there: buses on Morynka from Kyiv depart from Vydubychi bus station daily. By car from Kyiv, it's most convenient to get there on the Odesa route to Tarashcha, then to Lysianka, and on Morynka.

💪  Cossack power

Historical and architectural complex "Residence of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi" in Chyhyryn

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

First, Chyhyryn, as the first capital of the Cossack state, is unique in its history, which dates back to very ancient times. The ancient hetman's residence wasn't located in the castle that crowned the Kamiana Mountain, which ruled over Chyhyryn but was in the city, under the mountain, and the castle's protection.

The hetman's residence itself hasn't survived. All the buildings that can now be seen in this part of the former regimental town have been rebuilt. Despite this, one feels a breath of time. Every year, the "Residence of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi" grows and expands, generating considerable interest among tourists and among the countrymen of the prominent Ukrainian hetman.

Bohdan Khmelnytskyi's residence complex is surrounded by defensive walls with protective towers and loopholes. Inside, the entrance tower, the hetman's house, the military office, the treasury, and the hut of the Cossack guard were restored. The residence houses numerous relics and museum exhibits. Here you can see a collection of Cossack weapons, clothing, and ammunition, get acquainted with the life and traditions of Cossack times.

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

Chyhyrun, Castle Hill. Remains of Chyhyryn fortress of the XVII century.

It is better to combine a tour of the residence with a visit to other sites: Castle Hill in Chyhyryn, museums (archeological, historical, Khmelnytskyi), and then go to Subotiv, in the Koholodnyi Yar tract, visit the Motronynskyi monastery, see the famous oak of Zalizniak.

How to get there: The main landmark for travelers is the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Museum in Chyhyryn. There is a ticket office, where you can book excursions to the museum, and Castle Hill, and to the historical and architectural complex "Residence of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi."

Trakhtemyriv is the capital of hetmans

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

If you want to gain positivity and power from nature, you need to go to Trakhtemyriv (Kaniv district), where you can physically feel the breath of past eras and generations.

Located on an important crossing of the Dnieper and Trakhtemyriv peninsula, Trakhtemyriv has always been an important trade and military center. But the real prosperity of Trakhtemyriv is associated with the origin and development of the Cossacks; for Ukraine Trakhtemyriv, first, is the first Cossack capital of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In 1578, the first two regiments of registered Cossacks on state support were formed by the royal universal of Stefan Batory, and Trakhtemyriv was transferred to the possession of the Cossacks as the capital. During the Cossack era, there was a monastery here, where the Cossacks-kharacternyks lived to their old age. Here is the oldest cemetery in the area.

From the Scythian period, cult sanctuaries were constantly built in the village. Scientists have already found about 30, and according to legend, there were many more.

Modern natives call this place the energy magnet of Ukraine, they say, here you can awaken your inner strength, feel confident.

How to get there: from Cherkasy you need to get to the village of Velykyi Bukryn, and to go another 12 kilometers from there to the peninsula. This can be done by bus, hitchhiking or rented car.

"Cossack Lands of Ukraine" Reserve

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

The village of Veremiivka, Chornobaiiv district, has a rich history and can rightly be called a Cossack village. The first record of the village dates back to the XVII century. "Cossack Lands of Ukraine" Historical and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve was founded in this village in 2006 by art critic, historian, artist Volodymyr Nediak at the expense of the Shevchenko Prize, which he received for his book, "Ukraine Is The Cossack State."

At this moment, "Colonel Taras Bulba's Cossack Farm" is almost finished: operating mills, stables, barns, oxen barn, well, sheds, cellar.

The museum exposition presents a large ethnographic collection. Several authentic Polovtsi (Scythian) women are exhibited here. The highlight of the open-air museum is animals. Sheep, cows, goats, rabbits, horses, oxen, and buffalo graze in a specially sown area of ​​the steppe.

How to get there: from Cherkasy to the village of Veremiivka. To get to the open-air museum, you need to drive along the main street through the village. It's impossible not to notice it because three majestic windmills stand out from afar.

🌳   Power of Nature

Kholodnyi Yar

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

They say, having visited Kholodnyi Yar once, it's impossible not to come here again and again. This place is tying and enchanting.

The phenomenon hasn't been solved by geologists to this day. There's a theory that the Yar Giant appeared two million years ago when our planet collided with a giant meteorite. Others claim that the Yar was once the bed of the Dnieper (now the rivers, Tiasmyn and Irdyn flow on these "arms"). There's a hypothesis that 1000 years ago the rivers were navigable and between them, there was the same island of Rus, which is so persistently sought by historians.

Kholodnyi Yar is a whole giant system of ravines that stretches for 250 kilometers. On the slopes of the ravines, there's a relict forest. There are plants, like endemic, growing in the pre-glacial period! In Kholodnyi Yar, there are many lakes and rivers. The water in them is the purest, many of the sources are radon. You can drink water here from a source with the symbolic name "Zhivun" (a people who lives – TN). According to legend, it was created by Andrii Pervozvanyi while traveling in Ukraine. He struck the ground with his staff and water flowed from it.

It's not easy to see the main beauties of the Kholodnyi Yar without a guide. Excursions on the tract are organized by the staff of the Medvedivka Museum of Local Lore.

How to get there: Medvedivka is 35 km from Chyhyryn, museum address: Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street, 44-b.

Buky Canyon

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

Buky Canyon is often compared to Switzerland and the Norwegian fjords. Rocky canyon, about 5 kilometers long, is located on the river Hirskyi Tikych near the village of Buky (hence its name). It's quite deep, but narrow; the maximum depth of the canyon reaches 20 meters, and the width varies between 20-40 meters. Well, the age of the granite rocks with the river flowing through them is estimated at 2 billion years. The views from the canyon are incredible.

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

Right next to the canyon, there is the noisy waterfall, Vyr, and if you go a little further, you can see the ruins of an ancient mill built in the XIX century. In the Buky Canyon, you can gather energy for one weekend, climb rocks, go through the highline, do rope jumping and go kayaking or catamaran.

How to get there: go to Zhashkiv, and then another 35 km to the village of Buky toward Voronyi and Chervonyi Kut. You can go not through Zhashkiv, but the village of Mankivka; the road will be longer, but better in quality. You can also get to the Buky canyon as part of a tour group. This option will be more convenient than a solo trip.

Lake Buchak

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

Lake Buchak was formed on the site of the lower pit of the unfinished Kaniv PSP. However, a wonderfully beautiful lake with clear blue water formed on the site of an unfinished miracle, which has a depth of about thirty meters and is filled not with Dnieper water, but underground springs. Therefore, even in the hot summer, the water in the lake is cool and surprisingly clean.

Places around are considered mystical. Archaeologists claim that there were encampments of primitive people; there are many finds of the Trypillia period, from the nearby well Rozhena, where, according to legend, the first Rus princes drank water.

How to get there: exit from Kaniv on the P19 highway, then right through Bobrytsia and Studenets.

⌛  Power of time

Trypillia Culture Reserve

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

In the small village of Lehedzyno in the Cherkasy region, there is a reserve of Trypillia culture, which existed in 6-4 millennia BC.

The reserve now consists of 11 giant settlements of Trypillia culture. For example, between the village of Lehedzyne and Talianky is a famous settlement of the Trypillia people. It is located on 450 hectares of land and fifteen thousand people lived here in the 3rd century BC. Approximately three thousand buildings were placed in a circle, which decreased to the center. The Trypillia settlement was surrounded by high man-made ramparts, which provided it with protection from enemy tribes.

In the local open-air museum, you can see with your own eyes a life-size recreated settlement of Trypillia, look at household items of Trypillia culture, get acquainted with the findings of archaeologists, listen to interesting stories about ancient times. If wanted, everyone can stay for a while, live in a "Trypillia" house, try to make a clay figure of the goddess Lada, learn the ancient dance of Oira.

How to get there: first you need to get to the city of Uman, and from there, by shuttle bus in the direction of the village of Talne. In half an hour you will be in the village of Lehedzyne.

White Lotus Temple

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

In Cherkasy, there's an amazing place, which has no analogs in all of Ukraine. It's the largest Buddhist temple in Europe, "White Lotus."

The temple is a prototype of the famous Buddhist temple in Laos. In archival documents, they found a record that 7,000 years ago on the territory of Cherkasy Lake with an island, there was a temple (during the foundation preparation, they found a stone depicting the Buddha in the guise of a warrior). At the entrance to the cell, there are two figures of ancient warriors brought to Cherkasy from Tibet.

Excursions to the White Lotus are regularly organized, so it is quite easy to get here. During the tour, everyone will be able to learn more about the Buddha and Buddhist culture, try to find harmony, as well as understand the issues of karma and possibly purify their own. Visitors are invited to experience a tea ceremony that will fill you with peace and strength. Those interested can take photos of the aura or visit the ritual room with a statue of Buddha.

How to get there: the temple is located on Franka descent, 4. The nearest bus stops are "Universytet," Pushkina Street, and Kyrylova Street. From the bus station, you can get there by bus №26, №28 with a change in the House of Children's Creativity on the bus №4 or №21. Bus №26 runs from the train station.

Zalizniak's Oak

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

The largest tree in Ukraine and one of the ten largest trees in Europe. This oak's height is 30 m, the circumference of the trunk is 9 m. The oak survived 6 lightning strikes.

This unique ancient oak, named after the legendary leader of the Haydamat detachments of the Koliivshchyna period, Maksym Zalizniak, grows in the Kholodnyi Yar tract on the slope of the Kyrykiv Yar near the Buda hamlet. Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, Severyn Nalyvaiko, Pavlo Pavliuk, Maksym Zalizniak, Andrii Zhurba, Semen Nezhyvyi, and Taras Shevchenko rested under his tent.

Zalizniak's millennial oak is considered the "patriarch" of Ukrainian forests and, because of its respectable age, it no longer has acorns. And in the 1950s the oak almost perished: on it had rotten bark everywhere. They tried to save it by building a stove next to a tree, on which they cooked honey syrup. On a special enormous staircase at night, for two weeks in a row, people climbed up and watered the entire trunk with this syrup. Bees flocked to the sweet tree and gradually carried out the honey along with the rot. Soon the oak bark became clean and the tree recovered.

Legend has it that whoever rests under its lush crown will gain health and strength to achieve the desired.

How to get there: You can see the giant, a witness to many events, and feel its energy in the tract of Kholodnyi Yar. You can get from Chyhyryn by bus or car to the track, or the village of Buda, and go on foot from there.

 ❤️   Power of love

Sofiivka Park 

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

The famous "Sofiivka" park in Uman is a real masterpiece of the world-class garden and park art, an example of a landscape composition of water, land, architectural structures, and sculptures.

The park was founded in 1796 by Polish magnate Stanislaw Potocki in honor of his wife, the beautiful Greek Sophia, and presented it on the day of her angel patron, in May 1802. The idea of ​​creating a park in a romantic style using Roman and Greek mythology belonged to Sophia herself.

The idea of ​​the architectural project was embodied by folk artisans of the Uman region; from 1796 to 1802 they dug ponds, an underground river, built waterfalls, paved alleys, moved enormous granite boulders, created artistic ornaments for architectural structures from granite and plaster. The park planted local trees and exotic plants imported from around the world. The park was decorated with marble statues of Greek gods and goddesses, philosophers and poets, made by sculptors from Italy and France.

Amazing landscapes, exotic plants, ancient sculptures, ponds, cascades, fountains, stone grottoes are harmoniously combined and create a unique atmosphere of a fairy tale. The gem park has amazed visitors with its beauty for over 210 years.

How to get there: Uman city, Kyivska Street, 12-a (old entrance, Sadova Street, 55).

Tree of love

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

Approaching Moshnohiria, where the route Cherkasy-Kaniv crosses the small river, Irdynka, you can see an amazing tree, oak fused with alder. Inseparable trees have been feeling well for more than 70 years, they have already celebrated their "platinum wedding."

Scientists say that contrary to popular belief, oak and alder did not grow from the same root. Most likely, when a small oak tree grew, alder seeds accidentally fell under its roots. When it sprouted, the trunks of the trees rubbed so tightly together that their bark simply rubbed off. Over time, oak and alder trunks became one.

Many people believe that this combination symbolizes love and fidelity.

Couples in love and newlyweds are sure that a ribbon tied on a tree is a guarantee of eternal love.

Three wells

Куди поїхати у Черкаській області

If you haven't found your love yet, let's return to Chyhyryn district to the village of Subotiv.

Hetman's village, Subotiv, is a famous place in the Cherkasy region. In this village, there is an ancient bath and three wells: Faith, Hope, Love. Next to them is a stone with the inscription: "Three wells were dug by order of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi in honor of the joint struggle of the Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian peoples in the war of liberation against the Polish nobility." At this place, there was a hospital for wounded Cossacks, whom a local old man healed with well water.

Tourists who deliberately come to these springs say that the water here is unusual in taste and has almost magical properties. A ladle is attached to one of the wells, with the help of which anyone can quench their thirst.

Locals call them "sources of love." There is a belief that if a girl drinks water from three wells, she will meet her fiancé in 3 days.

How to get there: you can get to Subotiv from Cherkasy by bus from the bus station №2. Three wells are easy to find by special sources in the center of the village.

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