Photo 11:31 22 Jan 2023

The Unity Day 2023 in pictures

January 22 is the Day of Unity in Ukraine. A day when Ukrainians remember what unites us, what gives us strength, and what makes us who we are. Every day, Ukrainians show extraordinary bravery. We prove that living on this earth is an honor. So those who do not have it will not stay here for long. We share a selection of photos from "Rubryka" that best show our unity.

russia's war against Ukraine has been going on for eight years, but on February 24, 2022 it took on new dimensions. For almost a year now, the entire territory of Ukraine has been under constant threat of rocket attacks, thousands of Ukrainians have died, and another three thousand are defending their country. So the military knows the most about unity.

зруйновані будинки





допомога людям

хто годує переселенців

польова кухня

діти війни

одяг для переселенців

гуманітарна допомога

здати кров

забір крові


Б'юті волонтери

коктейль молотова

коктейлі Молотова

весілля військових


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