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Black Friday and discount rules: how to prepare, what to buy, and what rights you have

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On November 20, stores will explode with discounts, but, as they say, in July your sledge remember. We explain how not to regret Friday shopping on Saturday

People love to shop. None of the newly built shopping centers have ever been empty. Each of them always has customers, even on weekday mornings. The love of shopping becomes especially noticeable at the weekend. It's not a surprise that the government's recent weekend quarantine shocked not only the owners of many outlets and stores but also their customers. The tough coronavirus situation took away the opportunity to walk in shops, look and touch new products, kick the tires, buy yourself something you need and don't, and just relax.

Stretching your legs while walking in the mall is not the only reason for shopping passion. New iPhone, cosmetics, perfumes, and fashionable clothes increase self-esteem and help to be more attractive to others. Choosing and purchasing gifts allows you to feel the joy of being able to do something nice for others. Expensive, luxurious things (even if it's just an exquisite flower pot or a designer tie) increase the sense of personal significance and give confidence. If we feel capable, we feel better. This greatly contributes to emotional stability, which we now lack.

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It may seem self-contradictory, but sometimes we spend money to make even more money. We buy courses and books, teaching us how to build a business and develop in the profession. And we also spend money to save it. It includes purchasing quality shoes and basic clothing, helping you create a universal "capsule wardrobe" for any occasion for several years. Also, appliances with low energy consumption, cars with low fuel consumption are the purchases that help you save money in the long run.

We are ready to spend a lot of money to save time or make our lives more comfortable. For this purpose, we buy functional appliances, ergonomic furniture, and order ready meals. Even unsuccessful or spontaneous purchases help us gain experience and make more level-headed decisions.

It's always nice to spend money. Isn't that why we make it? You get special pleasure from spending less than you expected. That is why we often cannot pass a product that has an attractive "Discount" or "Sale" price tag. At the end of the year, the chances to buy something desired at a lower price than usual significantly increase. The last two months of the year are especially overflowing with sales. Shopping fans look forward to and prepare for this time in advance: Bachelor Day (November 11), Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year's Eve sales, and, of course, Black Friday!

Чорна п'ятниця

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