Digest 13:54 26 May 2024

Crafadvisor charity initiative in Kyiv cafes and return of Ukrainian pilots after F-16 training: five leading solutions of the week

Rubryka offers a short digest of the TOP-5 solutions of the week that bring Ukraine closer to victory:

🇸🇪 Sweden will provide additional military aid to Ukraine worth more than $7 billion. The money will come to Ukraine gradually during 2024-2026.

🤖 The UNITED24 platform has announced a fundraiser for ground robotic platforms. They will deliver ammunition to the positions, attack the enemy, and evacuate the wounded. 

☕️ Kyiv cafes have joined the charity initiative Crafadvisor. Visitors can buy a drink in a branded glass, and part of the proceeds from the sale will help the military.

✈️ The first batch of Ukrainian pilots completed the F-16 fighter training course in the US and then went to Europe to undergo additional training.

💣 Solomandra robotic platform was tested in Ukraine. The ground-based drone should help with the disposal of anti-personnel mines. The complex has four wheels and is controlled by an operator.


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