15:12 26 May 2024

The Institute of American Studies shared insights on practices for rebuilding Ukraine through collaboration with European and American partners

The central factor is the work of strong state structures in Ukraine and the creation of inclusive projects.

Experts from the Analytical Center "Institute of American Studies" elaborate on this in their research, describing the best practices for cooperation in rebuilding Ukrainian cities.

The reconstruction of Ukrainian cities after Russian aggression presents a serious challenge amid ongoing hostilities and widespread destruction. Since Ukraine was granted EU candidate status, the restoration of urban infrastructure has become a joint commitment of European and American partners.

Only strong state structures can organize or implement large-scale reconstruction. Despite the challenges posed by corruption, these institutions can serve as the foundation for effective reconstruction efforts. This requires stringent accountability mechanisms to protect funds designated for reconstruction. Additionally, the changing security environment necessitates precise planning for the adaptation and protection of critical infrastructure.

International assistance is crucial for all aspects of recovery. Ukraine should focus on transparent fund management and the creation of robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to be ready for rapid collaboration with international partners.

Experts from the Institute of American Studies have developed the following recommendations:

  • A transparent and inclusive decision-making process where civil society and communities are involved in reconstruction planning.
  • The creation of a coordination platform involving the Ukrainian government, international partners, civil society, and local communities for quality reconstruction practices and project evaluation.
  • Comprehensive agreements with the EU and the US outlining the terms of reconstruction support, including various financing mechanisms and the involvement of confiscated Russian assets.
  • Efforts should go beyond infrastructure restoration to address broader issues such as economic recovery, democratization, and social integration of vulnerable populations.

Read more in the study by Arsen Martyshchuk, an expert at the Institute of American Studies, titled "Rebuilding Ukraine: Challenges, Lessons, and Experience of Cooperation with the US and the EU"

The study was prepared in partnership with the media network "Recovery Window"

The Institute of American Studies explained how to implement a Marshall Plan 2.0 for Ukraine even during the war.

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