20:06 23 May 2024

The Institute of American Studies explained how to implement a Marshall Plan 2.0 for Ukraine even during the war

To effectively implement international aid, it is necessary to create an equivalent of the institutions that administered the Marshall Plan.

Experts from the think tank «Institute of American Studies» elaborate on this in their research, detailing all aspects and recommendations for the effective implementation of such tools.

After the end of World War II, Europe, weakened in all possible aspects, needed support from the United States. One of the first steps on this difficult path was the Truman Doctrine, proclaimed by President Harry Truman in 1947.

Given the prolonged war, in 2024, Ukraine also requires structured and large-scale recovery. Despite significant support from allies, we cannot always ensure the proper functioning of institutions that would manage the aid.

Experts from the "Institute of American Studies" have developed recommendations for both the Ukrainian authorities and international partners, including:

  • Ukraine should establish a central executive body to coordinate all international aid, similar to the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA), which was created in the United States to administer the Marshall Plan. This can be done based on the existing donor coordination platform.
  • International partners should focus on long-term projects that promote the stability and recovery of Ukraine, supporting it on its path to recovery and development.

For more details, read the research by experts from the "Institute of American Studies" Vladyslav Faraponov and Daria Myhur, «Marshall Plan 2.0 for Ukraine: Sustainable Peace Should Be Forged During the War»

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