10:58 06 May 2024

#WorldOnHerShoulders: Ukraine launches worldwide flash mob for women's empowerment ahead of Eurovision 2024

Before Eurovision 2024 in Ukraine, a worldwide social media initiative, "The World on Her Shoulders" supported Ukrainian women.

The BRAND UKRAINE organization announced the start of a global flash mob with the hashtag #WorldOnHerShoulders (#СвітНаЇїПлечах).

The flash mob is a joint initiative of the BRAND UKRAINE organization and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It started on the social networks of the digital ecosystem Ukraine.ua, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, which reached more than 3 million followers worldwide and became part of a broader campaign to support Ukraine's participation in Eurovision 2024.

The organizers were inspired to create a flash mob by the song "Teresa & Maria," which Ukraine's representatives, Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil, will perform on the Eurovision stage this year.

Україна запустила глобальний флешмоб

The flash mob aimed to remind the global audience about Ukraine and emphasize women's strength and indomitability.

"Our country came up with a global initiative that once again demonstrated to the world the vital role of women. One of our key goals was to popularize the image of Ukrainian women who not only know how to sing beautifully but also have enormous strength, courage, and a thirst for victory.

For the past ten years, our women have been fighting and saving lives at the front, volunteering, creating charitable funds, developing businesses, closing million-dollar meetings, taking care of children, fighting the pain of losing loved ones, and continuing to live. They carry the whole world on their shoulders," Maria Lypiatska, head of BRAND UKRAINE, emphasized. "In the song representing Ukraine at Eurovision 2024, there is a line: "No matter what, the world is on her shoulders."

"We want these words to touch the hearts of everyone who hears them and for all of Ukraine, the whole world, to see and realize the complexity of the daily challenges that ordinary Ukrainian women overcome."

Artists, bloggers, opinion leaders, and public figures all support the flash mob. To join, share a story and image or video of a remarkable woman on your social media accounts using the hashtag #WorldOnHerShoulders and the song "Teresa & Maria." The organizers are also encouraging Ukrainians to support the Ukrainian artists at Eurovision and raise awareness about the ongoing fight to the international audience.


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