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Solutions to win: British entrepreneur of Ukrainian origin to bike 7,000 km to support war-affected children in Ukraine

Photo: Natalka Volosatska (RFE/RL)

A British entrepreneur with Ukrainian roots plans to bike 7000 kilometers to raise money for Ukrainian children affected by the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine.

Radio Svoboda reports this.

Pavlo Tanasiuk, a British-Ukrainian technology entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of the British space company Spacebit, has named his upcoming bicycle marathon "Ride for Victory." He will begin his journey in Taiwan and travel through three continents – Asia, America, and Europe – in approximately two weeks.

"Initially, I planned on driving for 2,000-3,000 kilometers; however, upon learning that Ukraine's borders stretch for almost 7,000 kilometers, including Crimea, I decided to drive the exact distance of 6,993 kilometers. It is this border that we hope to reclaim, as it is our nation's territory," Pavlo Tanasiuk said.

Британець українського походження проїде на велосипеді

Photo: Natalka Volosatska (RFE/RL)

The entrepreneur's goal is to collect at least one million dollars. He wants to spend the money on a specific project for children affected by the war. Pavlo Tanasiuk is still deciding what exactly this project will be.

"I am not a professional athlete; I was engaged in cycling during my student years. It will be difficult for me, but when I say difficult, I always remember how difficult it is for our soldiers right now on the front lines, how difficult it is for children who have been affected by war. Therefore, for me, this is such a personal challenge, but also a challenge to help children, to help Ukraine," he said.

The bike he's taking on his cycling expedition was entirely made in Ukraine, using spare parts from different companies around the globe. Ukrainian artist Olesia Vakulenko adorned the bike with blue and yellow hues and a traditional design. The frame features a metal trident and the signature of former Armed Forces commander Valery Zaluzhny, engraved on an "Azovstal" plate. Even his helmet proudly displays the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Британець українського походження проїде на велосипеді

Photo: Natalka Volosatska (RFE/RL)

On the way, Tanasiuk will spend the night in a tent, in a hotel, or in a car that will accompany him. He will lead the stream, tell people about Ukraine, and say: "It is important not to forget about Ukraine. We say that the world is tired, perhaps not tired, but simply that people's focus has shifted. Therefore, there must be such public diplomacy when not only the state communicates with another state but also people, athletes, and people in business. This is my contribution because I will ride a bicycle, collect funds, meet with various people, and communicate with them, including members of universities and politicians. Several Hollywood stars have agreed to ride with me, which will also help raise funds for Ukrainian children."

After the marathon, which will last about two months, Pavlo Tanasiuk intends to sell the bicycle at an auction to raise even more money for charity.

Pavlo Tanasiuk's company develops space robotics technology for lunar and planetary missions.

At the end of this year, he plans to send a flag, a map of Ukraine to the moon, and a radiation sensor made in Ukraine. The data obtained from this device will be transferred free of charge to various institutions and universities, and students can research them in their scientific works.

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As Rubryka reported, on April 29, Kristo Enn Vaga, a member of the Commission for State Defense of the Parliament of Estonia and the Ukraine-Estonia Parliamentary Group, set off on a bicycle from Tallinn to Kyiv to run in support of Ukraine.


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