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Every missile that hits Ukraine has at least dozen foreign components — Zelensky

Фото: Офіс Президента

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, emphasized that aid to Ukraine is still limited, and Russia still has access to critical components needed for the production of missiles and drones.

Rubryka writes about this with reference to the evening video address of Ukraine's head of state.

"Today, like every day of this war, began with the results of our defenders of the sky. Last night, we managed to shoot down 10 Shahed drones out of 10 used by the Russians. I thank all our soldiers of mobile fire groups and other sky defenders. In total, in a week, the Russian terrorists used almost 130 Shaheds against Ukraine. Fortunately, we managed to shoot down more than 80 Russian missiles and almost 700 guided bombs."

He noted that Russia uses every day, every week, every month to cause significant damage.

"Unfortunately, aid to Ukraine is still limited, and the Russian state still has access to critical components that are necessary for the production of missiles and drones," the president said.

According to him, electronics and chips are supplied to Russia by foreign companies through the territories of other countries. In addition, the Shahed drones also contain such components.

"All this must be stopped and can be stopped: both the connivance of terror, and the ability of terrorists to find accomplices around the world, and Russian terror itself — all its manifestations," Zelensky emphasized.

The President noted that modern aviation proves its effectiveness, and modern air defense systems are capable of protecting life — this was demonstrated in the Middle East when aviation and air defense shot down Iranian missiles and Shaheds that were aimed at Israel. The whole world sees what real protection is. And the whole world saw that Israel was not alone in this defense — the threat in the sky was also destroyed by the allies. And when Ukraine tells its allies that unity provides the best protection, they already know the effectiveness of this very well. They know and provide. And when Ukraine says that the allies cannot turn a blind eye to Russian missiles and drones, it means that it is necessary to act and act strongly.

"It is not rhetoric that protects the sky; it is not thoughts that limit the production of missiles and drones for terror. The fact that sanctions against Russia are still being circumvented and the fact that we in Ukraine have been waiting for months for a vital support package — the fact that we are still waiting for a vote in Congress, shows that the self-confidence of the terrorists is also increasing for months. No more time can be lost.

It is necessary to really protect life — wherever there is a terrorist threat to it. It is necessary to do everything so that evil and wars do not spread throughout the world — neither in Europe, nor in the Middle East, nor anywhere else. I thank everyone who understands this. Everyone who can give protection to life should do so. Anyone who can limit the potential for terror should do so. Ukraine, the Middle East, and all other parts of the world equally deserve a just and reliable peace," Zelensky stressed.

Ukraine's head of state noted that the situation at the front during such a hot war is always difficult, but it is more difficult these days, especially in the Donetsk direction.

"Glory to everyone who makes our state stronger. I thank everyone in the world who helps!" Zelensky thanked everyone who does everything to protect Ukraine from Russian terror.

As reported, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, condemned Iran's large-scale attack on Israel. He stated that Iran's actions pose a threat to the entire world, just as Russia's actions pose a risk of war expansion, and this should receive a decisive and united response from the world.

It will be recalled that Ukraine condemned Iran's massive missile and drone attack on Israel, which took place on the night of April 14 and called to prevent a larger-scale regional conflict.


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