Digest 12:32 25 Feb 2024

Revolutionary demining machine and record drone fundraiser: five leading solutions of the week

Rubryka posts a short digest of the week's top 5 solutions that bring Ukraine's victory closer:

💣 Ukraine has already produced the third iteration of a demining machine built on the T-156 tractor chassis. This impressive model can clear 5,000 m² of land every hour.

❤️‍🩹 Ukraine's armed forces received dozens of armored personnel carriers to evacuate the wounded. The Ministry of Defense says that several hundred more are expected shortly.

🇩🇰 Denmark will send a new military aid package worth almost $250 million. The country also signed an agreement with Ukraine on "security obligations."

🇨🇿 A philanthropist from the Czech Republic originally donated $2 million for FPV drones for the Armed Forces. For each retweet of his post, he sent $100 to the account of the Nemesis project, the goal of which is to purchase 10,000 drones for Ukraine.

⚔️ Ukraine collected 300 million UAH for 35 Sea Baby drones. The UNITED24 platform, monobank, Serhii Sternenko, and Ihor Lachenkov organized it.


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