Video 19:50 23 Feb 2024

Ukrainian forces down A-50 radar plane near 150 km away from Mariupol

Фото: Wikimedia Commons

Ukrainian Air Force chief confirmed the evening report of downing Russian A-50 radar plane this evening.

Ukraine spokesman says it was a joint operation of the Air Force and the intelligence. The level of damage is being clarified.

Russian Telegram channels are posting a video of a fire in the village of Trudovaya Armenia in Krasnodar, which allegedly started after a plane crash.


Users began sharing videos of the burning plane and the moment it was shot down in the sky.

The footage shows the plane releasing heat traps to throw missiles off course. Probably one of the missiles hit such a trap, while the other one hit the plane.


Russia had only nine such aircraft, but not all of them were combat-ready.

On the evening of January 14, the Ukrainian military shot down two Russian aircraft over the Sea of Azov.

Ukraine's ex-army chief already officially confirmed the destruction of a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft and an enemy Il-22 air control center.

The Air Force spokesman Yurii Ihnat said that the Russian Il-22 aircraft shot down by the Ukrainian military on January 14 over the Sea of Azov could have reached the airfield.

On January 19, a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection aircraft was spotted in the Sea of Azov.

On January 21, the Russian aircraft was killed as a result of damage to the IL-22 air command post over the Sea of Azov.

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