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Solutions from Ukraine: Ukrainian Railways launches program to provide comprehensive support for veterans

Photo: Ukrainian Railways

In 2023, Ukrzaliznytsia took responsibility for workers returning from the war by launching the "Inclusive Railway: Employment" program.

Ukrzaliznytsia [Ukrainian Railways – ed.] reported this.

What is the problem?

More than 10,200 Ukrzaliznytsia employees are fighting in the ranks of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Of these, 1,000 veterans have returned home, and this number is constantly growing.

"Our most important mission during the war is to support the mobilized railroad workers and to be in constant contact with them. Moreover, ensuring that all returning war veterans and mobilized individuals feel valued and welcomed back into the workforce is important. The key to achieving this is addressing any hindrances they may encounter during the readjustment process and providing measures to overcome them. This applies especially to those veterans who have acquired a disability. We make every effort to ensure that they return to the workplace and fulfill their potential, thus strengthening our team even more," said Chairman of the Board of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" Evheniy Liashchenko.

What is the solution?

The "Inclusive Railway: Employment" program aims to return demobilized railway workers to work and provide them with support at every stage of adaptation. The initiative has already helped more than 800 veterans successfully return to work.

How does it work?

One of the key components of the adaptation program is the creation of the Advocacy Center, which provides support and protection of the interests of veterans. Specialists of the Center, communicating with veterans, accompany them at all stages of return to work (from support during rehabilitation to workplace preparation or job change).

The program also includes:

  • communication with military personnel who are still on duty, assistance in case of injury;
  • provision of medical, psychological, and legal consultations even before resuming work;
  • formation of an algorithm for determining the position and functionality that best meet the veteran's needs;
  • provision of financial assistance and benefits, in particular preservation of average earnings;
  • consultations of managers and colleagues of the veteran, conducting socio-psychological training for them for the sake of quality communication, building relationships, and promoting the successful rehabilitation of the employee;
  • psychological support for overcoming emotional difficulties, which is available to veterans if necessary.

"Mobile psychological assistance" operates within the program. Employees of mobile brigades provide first psychological aid to veterans. If necessary, they can provide referrals to specialized departments.

Plans include:

  • Creation of a multidisciplinary rehabilitation department to help railway veterans and, in the future, other veterans of Ukraine who will need it.
  • The community of Ukrainian railway veterans who were directly involved in combat and have successfully reintegrated into the workforce is growing. Their firsthand experience will enable them to better address the challenges other veterans face.

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