11:50 03 Dec 2023

Ukrainian schools to hold volunteering class to encourage students help the military

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On December 5, Ukraine celebrates International Volunteer Day, so the nationwide volunteering class with honored guests and experts will be held in all schools.

What is the problem?

Volunteering is an important component of civic activism and a valuable educational and upbringing experience for young people.

According to researchers from U-Report, 90% of teenagers surveyed want to be useful to Ukraine in one way or another, including as volunteers. Students learn to understand the needs and problems of their environment and develop empathy and a sense of responsibility to change their environment.

Teenagers spend a lot of energy and personal resources searching for their vocation in times of uncertainty. Through volunteering, students can take care of their resources, as it is an important component of an active lifestyle, and be inspired to choose their future profession.

What is the solution?

The initiative aims to engage them in volunteer work to develop leadership skills, organizational abilities, perseverance, and confidence. The organizers hope that the project will help maintain mental and physical health during the war.

How does it work?

The initiative hosts invite educational institutions to support the project and join the broadcast.

The 45-minute classes are held in educational institutions. During these lessons, experienced activists, teachers, and celebrities tell students how to achieve significant results in small steps and share tools to help them join the volunteer movement.

Ukrainian schools have already hosted over 1,600 volunteering classes, even abroad. According to reports, 40,000 students have learned more about the volunteer movement and realized their own potential.


Photo: school.volunteer.country

The School Volunteering classes will last until June 2024 and will cover Ukraine's large cities and educational institutions in smaller towns and villages.

Online lessons are also planned with teenagers who have been forced to leave their homes and are abroad.

The event is initiated by the NGO Ukrainian Volunteer Service and the NGO Oleksandr Pedan JuniorS Movement with the support of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Weaving camouflage nets is one of the mass types of volunteering in support of Ukrainian defense forces, which anyone can join both in Ukraine and abroad. It requires time, free hands, a desire to help, and a little skill. Rubryka talks about how to weave nets as efficiently as possible, which materials should be used for weaving nets and which should not, and why it is essential to always focus on the feedback of the military.

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