11:32 30 Nov 2023

Survey: 64% of young Ukrainians are ready to join local volunteering

64% of young Ukrainians prefer volunteering within their communities. One-third of those surveyed participate in volunteer projects several times a week. 

The civic organization "Building Ukraine Together" believes investing in youth projects and engaging them in volunteer initiatives can drive social change and community progress, Rubryka reports.

The organization conducted a survey involving 250 young people from 17 regions of Ukraine to understand how to involve youth in local volunteering, the time they are willing to dedicate, their readiness to help other communities, and what motivates their participation in initiatives.

27% identified volunteering as a key way to contribute to the community, and 23.7% saw communities changing with their assistance. Anastasia Drachuk, project manager at "Building Ukraine Together," shared the enthusiasm for volunteer work among Ukrainian youth.

"When such a significant percentage of young people strive to improve their community, the potential for positive changes in communities is enormous. The enthusiasm for volunteer work among Ukrainian youth is promising for the future expansion of civic activities in various regions of Ukraine. That's why, for almost 9 years, BUR has been supporting the volunteer movement and actively developing a structure for collaboration among civic, governmental, and donor sectors," said Anastasia Drachuk.

Under the project "Participatory Recovery: Tools and Practices for Strengthening Community Capacity," supported by U-LEAD and covering 65 communities in ten regions, there is increased interest from city and village administrations in involving youth in community development. Communities in front-line and de-occupied regions work on youth events to safely and effectively engage them in community life.

A significant aspect of the project is not only volunteer activities but also supporting local communities. Within the project, 20 "BURchiks" took place — short-term volunteer activities lasting 1-3 days.

In addition to shelter restoration and improving public spaces, the NGO gave considerable attention to establishing psychological support centers. Eight to ten volunteers manage to bring together the state sector, youth, and local residents over the weekend for a joint project.

Survey results underscore the need for communities to involve youth in supporting military personnel and veterans, communication from local organizations, humanitarian efforts, and housing reconstruction projects. The willingness of young people to volunteer is a resource that, if utilized, can form the foundation for national resilience and solidarity.

"Building Ukraine Together" is a nationwide civic organization supporting youth development in Ukraine through volunteer initiatives and informal education. Focused on building democratic values and encouraging civic engagement, the organization advocates for the active role of youth in shaping state institutions at the local and national levels. Volunteer work serves not only as a tool for involvement in societal processes but also as a means to develop civic awareness and social responsibility.

More about "Building Ukraine Together" projects and opportunities can be found on their website and social media pages.

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As reported by Rubryka earlier, youth seeks more active influence on Ukraine's reconstruction. Kyiv hosted discussions were held on how to achieve this.

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