09:59 07 Oct 2023

"If Putin wins the war in Ukraine, he will likely resort to violence again" – NATO chief


NATO welcomed Germany's decision to provide Ukraine with another Patriot system and stressed that Russia could not be allowed to win the war in Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated this in an interview with Welt.

The head of the North Atlantic Alliance especially noted Berlin's recent statements about new arms deliveries.

"I welcome Germany's statement that it will send another Patriot air defense system to Ukraine," Stoltenberg emphasized.

Also, the NATO Secretary General, the increase in escalation "pales" compared to Putin's possible victory.

"I understand the concern that our support for Ukraine carries the risk of escalation, but that risk pales in comparison to the fact that we will allow Putin to win this war. If Putin wins the war in Ukraine, he will likely resort to violence again," the Secretary General said.

The head of the North Atlantic Alliance also noted that new Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy system can be expected.

"Air defense is crucial for saving Ukrainian lives," Stoltenberg emphasized.

As the debate over whether Berlin should supply Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles is heating up again in Germany, Stoltenberg praised Berlin.

"The supply of weapons is a national matter. I welcome Germany's decisive support for Ukraine," he said.

The head of the Alliance also commented on Moscow's threats regarding the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons.

"Russia's nuclear rhetoric is completely irresponsible, but the risk of Russia using nuclear weapons remains low," Stoltenberg said.

According to him, Moscow realizes that a nuclear war can never be won and should never be fought.

"Of course, we continue to monitor Russia's activities very closely. NATO is a nuclear alliance, and nuclear deterrence has been working for 75 years," he said.

For reference:

On October 5, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz clarified that Germany has not yet determined whether or not to provide Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine, as they are striving to avoid exacerbating the war.

Bild previously reported that the chancellor was concerned that for Ukraine to use Taurus missiles, Berlin would have to provide geodata about Russian targets. Thus, according to the chancellor, Germany would be forced to take a more active part in the war.


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