17:30 15 Sep 2023

Ukraine's newly made sea drone destroys Russian Samum missile warship

Ukraine's newly made "Sea Baby" marine drone hit the Russian Samum missile carrier on September 14, the state's security service said in a conversation with the Ukrainska Pravda media.

The experimental drone hit the rear right side of the racist vessel, causing significant damage, as the ship lost its course in the Black Sea.

SSU services, however, Russian forces had to tow the missile carrier for repairs, while it suffered a large trim on the stern and rolled to starboard.

For this attack, the Security Service used the first sample of a sea drone that can work in a storm, hiding from detection behind high waves. During the special operation, the wave height reached 1.5-2 m, the source said further.

While Russian forces remain carried away on the battlefield, Ukrainian forces slowly regain their superiority in Black Sea waters.

The Western-supplied long-range missiles have the right strike capability to hit any Russian targets in and around the occupied Crimea.

On the night of September 13, several explosions rang out in the city of Sevastopol, when Russian-appointed authorities confirmed the raging fire at the military shipyard. Soon, the Russian Defense Ministry admitted the attack damaged at least two ships.

Russian forces claim they downed 10 Ukrainian missiles to prevent the strike, however, witnesses spotted a large-scale fire. So far, the attack has killed two and injured 26 maritime workers.

Ukrainian troops also attacked the patrol ship Vasilii Bykov, which the Russians defended by "downing all seven missiles." Despite that, two Russian ships were spotted at the shipyard during their repairs.

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