16:09 09 Sep 2023

Solutions from Ukraine: Odesa introduces life-saving BrainScan AI pilot project

Photo: Ukraine's Ministry of Health

Odesa became the first city in Ukraine to begin the pilot project for BrainScan Telemedicine, which uses Artificial Intelligence to drastically speed up diagnosis for brain ailments or traumas and, in essence, save a life when time is a critical factor.

The medical innovation was reported on the Ministry of Health of Ukraine website.

What is the problem?

As reported, the health and sometimes the patient's life depends on the timely diagnosis of diseases or brain damage.

The accuracy of data analysis and the speed of receiving diagnostic results help doctors get a so-called "second opinion" and prevent medical errors.

What is the solution?

The government adopted the Strategy for the development of telemedicine in Ukraine. This document will improve the quality standards of providing medical care through telemedicine.

Therefore, Odesa rolled out a pilot project of BrainScan telemedicine, which runs on AI and massively speeds up diagnosing brain diseases or injuries. It's supposed to save lives when time is critical.

How does it work?

According to the department, the neural network automatically analyzes computer tomography images of the brain and detects pathological changes.

Within 5 minutes after processing the image with the program, the doctor can decide on further treatment. This is several times faster than usual.

"The future lies precisely in such technologies that can be used in diagnostics as an independent expert "second opinion" for quick response and decision-making," emphasizes Anastasiia Mudrova, a senior radiologist.

The use of artificial intelligence to analyze computed tomography images of the brain as part of the BrainScan project has shown promising results.

The ministry said that the Odesa experience of involving the neural network in diagnosing patients is also used in the front-line Kramatorsk in Donetsk region, where the BrainScan project has also started.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine implements the project with the support of the USAID project "Sustainable Development of National Health Care Systems in Ukraine" (LHSS).

For reference:

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In addition, the Ukrainian government allowed military personnel without medical training to administer blood transfusions. For this, they must undergo appropriate training.

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