15:34 30 Aug 2023

Switzerland joins register for war damages in Ukraine

Switzerland will join the register of war damage in Ukraine, launched by the EU Council in May, for evidence and information on the destruction caused by the Russian war.

The US, Japan, and the EU members have joined the damage register so far.

This step underscores Switzerland's support for the war-affected people and the political process of Ukraine's recovery, which Switzerland initiated together with the Ukrainian government at the 2022 Lugano Conference on Ukraine's Recovery, the statement said.

There are 46 members of the Council of Europe. Among them are seven member states of the Council of Europe that decided not to join this "anti-Russian" agreement.

The damage register is intended to collect information as well as evidence on damage, losses, and injuries suffered by persons, entities, or the Ukrainian state as a result of Russian attacks since the invasion on February 24, 2022. The register is intended to serve as a basis for later court proceedings and possible reparation payments by Russia to Ukraine.

The register is initially intended to last for three years. It is to be based in The Hague in the Netherlands.

This database will also include the financial claims of victims. It is expected that the agreed and confirmed claims will be approved later when the international community agrees on a compensation mechanism and sources of its funding.

Estimates of the damage and the amount needed for reconstruction in Ukraine vary widely, from $350 billion to over $1,000 billion. The Council of Europe, Europe's leading human rights organization, took up a concern of the UN in November with the damage register.

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