16:30 22 Aug 2023

EU funds vehicle detection center in Ukraine's western Ivano-Frankivsk

EU funds helped to open a security service center to enhance security capabilities, regarding the increased crime rate during the war.

Authorities of the western Ivano-Frankivsk reported this on Facebook.

What is the problem?

Ukraine mostly has old and badly equipped security centers, which made criminals slip through the surveillance. All the information had to be processed for a week, or even more to investigate a crime or a car crash.

What is the solution?

All of the funding helped to open a new powerful security center.

There will be fiber optic lines, additional cameras… but today we are already helping and looking for cars that have been in an accident, or stolen, and many other things, said the city's mayor.

Фото: oper-info.if.ua

This is an important step for people's safety. To ensure that in this time of war and in times of emergency, law enforcement agencies can respond correctly to all calls.

How does it work?

Several operators will work in the office, who will promptly respond and transmit all the necessary information to the patrol police.

Now inspectors will be able to transfer data almost at the minute when the crime is committed, the mayor assured.

The security center in Ivano-Frankivsk is established within the framework of the EU-backed "Ukraine-Romania" program. To complete this, 45 new video cameras were installed on the roads and streets of the city.

All existing cameras will be reconnected to this data center, where we will be able to recognize the type, license plate of the car, the color, compare them with the database and also we will recognize people's faces and search for criminals, said the director of the Department of Investment Policy Igor Popadiuk.

Before the official opening of the data center, municipal inspectors mastered new equipment and mechanisms of operation.

Previously, you could get a video of the crime during a week. Now there are powerful servers, computers, and more employees. I hope this can be done if we don't get that video online right away. We will have video evidence quickly and, accordingly, we will be able to bring a person to justice, says Oleg Kostenko, head of the patrol police department in the region.

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