Exclusive 18:19 17 Jul 2023

Donations from Rubryka subscribers help support rescued foal at Ukrainian farm turned animal evacuation center

Thanks to the donations from our subscribers, Rubryka Solutions Media was able to support a rescued foal at the Dnipro farm, Green Grove, the subject of a story reported by our journalists. 

Little Shelby was born this year in Ukraine's central Dnipropetrovsk region. Its mother is Chanel, the mare taken out of war-torn Kharkiv. Like hundreds of other animals, Chanel escaped shelling and found herself in Green Grove – a farm-cheese factory near Dnipro.

During a full-scale invasion that Russia started in February 2022, the farm turned into an evacuation point for animals and people. Cows, goats, horses, dogs, and cats from cities and villages that came under fire were brought here. More than 680 tailed, feathered, and ungulates live on the farm. The farm also provides psychological rehabilitation for people who suffered from Russia's war in Ukraine. Read the full story of the farm at the link.

Rubryka met Chanel and Shelby during an interview with the owner of the farm, Zhenia Movchanova. Since the conversation took place directly on the farm, our correspondent had the opportunity to meet with the most friendly inhabitants of Green Grove.

The Rubryka team wanted to support the foal, so we sent some of the money we received from our Patreon donors to Green Grove to staff Shelby adequately. The foal received a blanket for the winter and a halter for walking. New attire has already been tried on the animal. Three people had to put them on because the cub was still kicking. Shelby will have to get used to the gear.

We would like to remind you that part of the donations Rubryka collects goes to support various social initiatives and public organizations. Part of it is spent helping our journalists write new stories and report more on inspiring solutions. You can also join a good cause by becoming part of our community and signing up for a Patreon subscription.

Now Green Grove has become an island for the evacuation of animals and people. How are they working now? Why are the air raid sirens off on the farm? Find out answers in our report from Green Grove.

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