14:34 29 Jun 2023

Iranian opposition activist: The hearts of the Iranian people are with Ukraine

Iranian oppositionist Vahid Beheshti said that the vast majority of Iranians support Ukraine. 

Vahid Beheshti was forced to leave his native country 24 years ago. Having settled in London, he continued to fight for the freedom of his people already in exile. In the spring of this year, he attracted the attention of many world media when he announced a hunger strike outside the British Foreign Office, demanding that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the mainstay of the ruling regime in Iran, be listed as a terrorist organization.

The political emigrant told in an interview with RBC-Ukraine that if the regime of the Russian dictator is overthrown, it's guaranteed to benefit Iran because, without the Kremlin's support, the Iranian regime will collapse.

"The absolute majority of Iranians, the hearts of the absolute majority of Iranians, are with Ukrainians," he said.

According to him, Iranians "hate Russia and hate Putin" because they feel this terrorist activity more than anyone else. Beheshti believes that the supreme leader of this terrorist regime in Iran is "Putin's puppet."

"That's why their hearts are with the Ukrainians. They absolutely support the Ukrainians in their war, and they get inspiration from the Ukrainians," he added.

The Iranian regime supports Russian aggression against Ukraine. Tehran supplies Moscow with weapons, including attack drones. Russians often attack peaceful Ukrainian cities with Iranian-made kamikaze drones.

According to the Levada Center survey, negative assessments of the USA, the EU, and Ukraine prevail among Russians. Positive assessments prevail about China and Iran.


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