22:15 11 Jun 2023

Lviv IT Cluster Procures the Shark UAV for the Military

On May 29th, the Lviv IT Cluster community procured the Shark unmanned aerial system for the reconnaissance needs of an artillery brigade. The procurement is part of the Victory Projects initiative aimed at supporting businesses, the military, critical and civil infrastructure, and strengthening regional security.

Shark, manufactured by Ukrspecsystems, is a perfect multifunctional unmanned aerial system for a wide range of missions. It provides the possibility for fully autonomous reconnaissance, surveillance, clear identification, and recognition from long distances at considerable altitudes.

"This drone is not just a help to the military but to all Ukrainians because we all want to end the war as soon as possible. This drone will go to the front line with us in the coming days and begin its work. A few days ago, its 'brother' helped detect and destroy a Russian S-300 system," said Oleh Berestovyi, a serviceman.

Львівський ІТ Кластер передав військовим безпілотник Shark

Operating the UAS requires highly skilled personnel, as the operators have to work under constant enemy electronic warfare. According to the military, the Shark can reach an altitude of one and a half kilometers and penetrate the enemy's rear for at least 40 kilometers. This is sufficient to locate targets, including enemy radar stations or air defense systems. Five Lviv IT Cluster member companies have contributed to the implementation of the Shark project: BotsCrew, Eleks, Leobit, Sigma Software, and SoftServe.

"It is important for us to support both humanitarian and military initiatives. It is our company's position because we strive for victory and do everything in our power: we donate, work to support the economy, and help the military. It's definitely not the last participation of Leobit in Victory Projects. Such initiatives unite and encourage other companies to donate even more," says Oleksa Stelmakh, Director and Founder at Leobit.

Львівський ІТ Кластер передав військовим безпілотник Shark

"We actively participate in various campaigns to bring us closer to victory. Collaborating with the Lviv IT Cluster in this direction is easier because it allows us to join forces with other companies and fulfill specific military needs. We will participate in other projects within Victory Projects because if there is an opportunity to help, we always get involved," adds Oleh Pylypchak, CTO at BotsCrew.

The cost of the UAV and its specific technical characteristics are not disclosed. Within the framework of Victory Projects, over ten projects cover various directions, ranging from providing critical infrastructure with Starlink terminals to the modernization of the Air Command West. Currently, the total value of all Victory Projects is 76 615 000 UAH.

"I am grateful to our member companies in the community that contribute to our initiatives. The war is ongoing, and the economic situation is challenging. Therefore, every contribution is precious. Victory Projects is not a one-time initiative but a systematic and persistentwork. Our community maintains close contact with the military, allowing us to process their requests quickly. For example, only a few weeks have passed from the moment the request for the Shark was received until today. So, join us to bring our victory closer together," says Stepan Veselovskyi, CEO of Lviv IT Cluster.

Earlier in May, as part of the Victory Projects, the Lviv IT Cluster community launched the Guardian project to enhance the level of border guards' training. Additionally, the community supplied more than 75 Starlink terminals to the Lviv Military Administration.

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