19:52 05 Jun 2023

United to win: US allocates $37 mln to strengthen Ukraine's cyber resilience

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The United States of America is working with Congress to provide Ukraine with an additional $37 million to strengthen its digital resilience.

This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine based on the results of the annual discussion of the delegations of Ukraine and the USA on cyber security issues on June 1 in Tallinn.

What is the problem?

"Last year, we neutralized over 4,500 cyber attacks and critical cyber incidents. This year, we already had 550 cyber attacks. The Russian Federation continues to keep the same pace of attacks," said the head of the Cyber Security Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ilia Vitiuk.

He noted that the Russian Federation mainly attacks logistics, energy, transport, and military facilities.

Russian cyber forces are made up of personnel from intelligence agencies; they carry out all the most severe attacks and have unlimited funding.

In addition, groups that work for special services for money are connected to cyber attacks for mass. Cyber attacks are combined with information attacks, as well as missile attacks. When energy facilities are fired upon, a cyber attack is also carried out simultaneously to enhance the effect.

What is the solution?

During the dialogue, the United States delegation reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to support Ukraine's cyber defenses in the face of Russia's unjustified and unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine. As part of this support, the US is working with Congress to provide an additional $37 million in cyber assistance to Ukraine, bringing the total to $82 million since February 2022 and more than $120 million since 2016, the agency said.

Photo: mfa.gov.ua

How does it work?

"This support helped strengthen Ukraine's ability to detect, contain and respond to cyber incidents and threats, as well as provided support for the protection of critical networks and digital infrastructure," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted.

It is noted that the parties shared their views on the role of cyber security in the long-term development of Ukraine's digital stability, including the support of the country's institutions and critical infrastructure facilities. The participants exchanged views on the future cooperation between Ukraine and the USA on cyber issues, including the exchange of valuable lessons learned by Ukraine during the continuous improvement of cyber and digital policy.

For reference:

As Rubryka reported, on May 16, Ukraine officially joined the NATO Center for Cooperation in the Cyber Defense.


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