Special project
6 jun, 13:51

How states should fight disinformation: solutions from world experts

9 may, 14:17

Deportation, discredit and hidden agenda of war: how Russian disinformation about EU and Ukraine works

26 mar, 12:59

Ukrainian activists rally educators for anti-fake games to combat disinformation

What's going on?
8 mar, 13:23

Russia's propaganda on Tiktok and why we shouldn't trust everything we see

13 feb, 11:01

France, Germany, and Poland collaborate on joint strategy to counter Russian disinformation and bots

9 feb, 11:20

ISW: Putin used his interview with Tucker Carlson to spread lies, distort history, and potray Russia as victim

28 jan, 12:45

Hungarian media reveal anti-Ukrainian article on the eve of FM visit

28 jan, 09:22

Kremlin justifies aggression against NATO by claiming to protect Russians abroad – ISW

7 jan, 18:59

Zelensky identifies key challenges in confronting Russian aggression

27 sep, 13:18

Ukrainian activists propose AI regulation to combat Russian disinformation

14 sep, 12:46

Ukrainian developers present AI-based fake news detection app

4 aug, 16:20

Insider: German right-wing party AfD's lawsuit against weapons supply to Ukraine ordered and paid for by the Kremlin

19 may, 15:37

Ukrainian experts set out to counter Russian disinformation in Antidote media literacy project

8 apr, 09:49

US documents release reveals russian fear of Ukrainian counteroffensive – ISW

22 mar, 12:33

russia spreads disinformation about UK's depleted uranium shells for Ukraine – MOD

11 dec, 11:12

Ukraine's Security and Defense Council refutes fakes about deterioration of tap water quality

3 oct, 16:17

Occupiers' attempts to impose russian alternative reality in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions

27 aug, 14:50

Danilov: russia running massive psyop against Ukraine's top leaders, commanders

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