18:31 10 May 2023

Czechia to send two Kub air defense systems to Ukraine

Фото: Getty Images

Ukraine will receive two Kub anti-aircraft missile systems and the necessary missiles from the Czech Republic.

Petr Pavel, Czechia's leader, announced Prague would transfer two 2K12 Kub air defense systems and missiles for them to Kyiv to České noviny.

The Czech president emphasized Ukraine needs an air force to prepare for the decisive phase of the war with Russia. At the same time, the priority, in his opinion, is to provide a sufficient number of armored vehicles and ammunition.

Pavel added that Ukraine has already received about 100 tanks, the same number of armored vehicles, and a lot of ammunition from the Czech Republic. The provision of a sufficient number of armored vehicles and ammunition is a decisive factor for Ukraine.

This is what Ukraine lacks, because the decisive part of the battle will take place on the ground, he said.

Also, Czech President Petr Pavel said that it would make sense for his country to consider the possibility of transferring Czech L-159 combat aircraft to Ukrainian forces.

The Soviet Kub air defense system is used to destroy aircraft or helicopters. It should be replaced with Israeli SPYDER systems in the arsenal of the Czech army.


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