11:57 30 Apr 2023

"Go home before it's too late": Czech president leaves message to Russians on military equipment

Фото: Твіттер / Petr Pavel

During the two-day visit to Ukraine, Czech President Petr Pavel has left a message on military vehicles, urging Russians to get out of Ukraine.

Pavel's post suggests that this is a fleet of Ukrainian vehicles that will take part in the upcoming counter-offensive.

I know this feeling. Your unit is moving to the contact line, and you want to go with it; you want to lead and set an example. As a commander, I was always there for my soldiers. And now, this is no longer my role. I came here to encourage them.

We are with you. You will avenge the fallen, you will uphold freedom. Russia, go home, the Czech president wrote.

General Pavel is best known for being a former NATO military commander. No Czech national has ever been so high up in the Alliance's ranks before or since.

The Slovak president arrived in Ukraine on the morning of 28 April together with Czech President Petr Pavel, who is making his first visit to Ukraine as a head of state.

After the first day of travelling to the north of the Kyiv region and critical meetings in the capital, the presidents stayed overnight, a rare occurrence for top foreign officials during a full-scale war.

On 29 April, Petr Pavel travelled to the Dnipropetrovsk region, where the Czech Republic will focus its support. Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová visited the Chernihiv region and saw the infamous basement in the village of Yahidne, where the occupiers imprisoned several hundred people for almost a month.


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