18:10 23 Sep 2022

Exhumation in forest near Izium completed. 447 bodies found

Фото: Головне управління Національної поліції в Харківській області

The exhumation of those killed by Russian invaders and buried in mass graves in Izium, Kharkiv region, has been completed. A total of 447 bodies have been found.

"The works continued for a week without interruption. 447 bodies were removed from graves. Of them, 215 are women, 194 are men, 5 are children, and 22 are service members. In addition, the remains of 11 people were found, whose gender cannot be determined at the moment," Chief of the National Police of Ukraine Ihor Klymenko posted on Facebook.

As noted, "there are many bodies with traces of torture. Police forensic experts face a difficult task: to identify the body of each killed person. Relatives should bury them in a human way."

He noted that "investigators carefully document every war crime committed by Russian servicemen. Not a single detail will be missed because criminals must be punished."

Klymenko thanked "investigators, forensic experts, rescuers, and everyone who participated in the exhumation process. This is difficult but very important work."

The National Police chief also thanked the foreign and Ukrainian mass media for covering Russia's crimes.

"The world should see and remember the atrocities of the Russian torturers," Klymenko stressed.

As reported, on September 10, Ukrainian troops liberated Izium from the Russian invaders. The town was controlled by the enemy since the beginning of April.

On September 16, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that more than 400 bodies, including those with signs of torture, were found in mass graves in liberated Izium.

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