17:04 31 Jul 2022

Some villages in Kherson region completely destroyed

Active hostilities continue in the Kherson region, and the situation is critical in hundreds of villages, with some villages being completely destroyed.

The Kherson regional military administration said this in a Facebook post.

"Active hostilities continue in the Kherson region. The situation is critical in hundreds of villages in the region: broken roads, destroyed houses, schools, mined fields and rivers, forest fires, wounded and killed civilians," the report said.

It added that some villages have been left without electricity and water for five months, and people in such villages have not received pensions and social benefits since March. People are forced to flee to the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine or to neighboring villages. There are communities where up to ten people remain, and some villages have been completely destroyed.

Earlier reports said that loud explosions and artillery shelling were heard in the Kherson region in the last day.

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