12:37 11 May 2022

Ukraine made it to Eurovision-2022 final

Photo: hromadske

Representatives of Ukraine at Eurovision-2022 Kalush Orchestra went to the song contest finals

They were able to go further thanks to the results of the audience vote together with estimates from the national juries of the participating countries.

The grand final will take place on May 14 at 22:00 in Turin, Italy.

Kalush Orchestra will perform Stefania again.

In total, 10 participants reached the final:

  • Ukraine,
  • Switzerland,
  • Armenia,
  • Iceland,
  • Lithuania,
  • Portugal,
  • Norway,
  • Greece,
  • Moldova,
  • The Netherlands.

To recap, 25 participants will take part in the Eurovision final: 10 from each of the semifinals and representatives of the Big Five: ​​Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.

According to bookmakers, Ukraine is the favorite of this year's song contest.

The probability of victory is estimated at 45%. In second place are representatives of Italy Mahmood and Blanco, who will perform the song Brividi. Their chances are 13%.

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is being held at the PalaOlimpico arena in Turin, Italy. This year, 41 countries are participating in the competition.

The semifinals will be held on May 10 and 12, and the final,  on May 14.

This year, Armenia, which missed the 2021 contest, and Montenegro, which didn't take part in the last two, are taking part in Eurovision again.

Belarus, which was disqualified in 2021, will not be able to participate in the song contest.

As Rubryka reported, the first semifinal of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest started in Turin, Italy.

In the first semifinal, Ukrainians can vote for all participants in the competition, except for the representatives of our country, the Kalush Orchestra, which will appear on stage sixth.

To do this, send an SMS message to the number 7576, indicating the number of the participant for whom you decided to vote.

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