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Food blindly: Favorite Food & Drinks specialists will find perfect tastes in Kyiv

Independent experts of the tasting commission will conduct a professional tasting of food and beverages in 23 nominations.

The tasting competition from Favorite Food & Drinks will be held on October 5-6, 2021 in Kyiv. This is the only international tasting competition in Ukraine, aimed at detecting high-quality food and soft drinks by professionals according to organoleptic characteristics (i.e. through control by human senses), "blindly."

"The range of modern food and beverages often impresses and confuses not only end users, but sometimes professionals with its diversity. New technologies, ingredients, and as a result, new product categories and their range.

To make it easier for retailers to choose which manufacturers to select and which products to put on the shelf in the store, and buyers, what to put in the consumer basket, you should pay attention to additional markers, tasting competitions," the organizers of Favorite Food & Drinks commented.

Favorite Food&Drinks

The members of the professional tasting commission are formed of specialists of food and processing enterprises, retailers, chefs, industry institutes: Ukrmetrteststandart, NOVUS retail chains, Fozzy Group, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, Auchan, VARUS, "Avalon" restaurant , All-Ukrainian Bakers' Association, Ukrainian Association of Functional Nutrition, Center for Preventive and Clinical Toxicology, Odesa Academy of Food Technologies, Institute of Postgraduate Education of Ukrainian State University of Food Technologies, Belkozin Ukraine, Culinary MHP, Vova HoReCa, Alma-Veko Food and others.

Favorite Food&Drinks

Why take part in a tasting competition?

For food and beverage producers, the value of such participation will be revealed in many aspects and in different areas of activity. 

For technologists, it will mean:

  • Professional assessment of organoleptic parameters by independent members of the tasting commission
  • Recognition of the professional community

For marketers:

  • Info-drives for communication with the target audience
  • Demonstration to customers and partners of product benefits
  • Advertising among retailers, restaurateurs, media

For dealers:

  • Increasing the value and increasing the added value of products
  • Attracting customers' attention to products on the shelves of retail chains
  • Obtaining additional non-commercial competitive advantages of products

For owners and managers:

  • Recognition of your company's team of specialists and their work 
  • Strengthening the company's competitive position in the market

In addition to the winners, retailers, restaurateurs, food bloggers and the media are invited to the ceremony.

The general results of the contestants will be published on the social media of Favorite Food & Drinks: Facebook, Instagram, as well as on the resources of partners, media partners and distributed among retailers and businesses HoReCa.

Favorite Food&Drinks

How participants can take advantage of the awards:

  • place images of the award on product labels, advertising layouts, banners;
  • spread the results of the competition among the target audience through the company's website, social and mass media;
  • place the received awards at fairs, on stands during national and international exhibitions, in presentations during conferences;
  • indicate the results of participation in Favorite Food & Drinks in the documentation during the participation in tenders.

Favorite Food&Drinks

The date of the tasting competition is October 5-6, 2021, Kyiv

Solemn awarding ceremony of the winners is October 18, 2021, Kyiv

Winners of Favorite Food & Drinks 2021 (winter) are leaders in their categories: Ovostar, Yarych KF, Yuvileinyi Meat-packing Plant, Yatran, Biscotti, Kupianskyi milk canning plant, ACC, Makvar, Onur dairy products, Reneva, Galafruit, Gulfstream, Ikrianyky, Volnat beer, LiqBerry, Kalush bakery complex, Karapyshiv sausages and others.

To take part in the tasting competition, producers need to

  • decide on the name of the product
  • apply here and pay for participation
  • send product samples to the competition

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