13 mar, 10:57

Ukraine's scientific infrastructure suffers over $1.26 bln in damage from Russian war – UNESCO

Explain Ukraine
9 feb, 15:05

Ukrainian cuisine: what is Ukraine's traditional food and how to cook borscht

8 feb, 15:47

How the Danube Biosphere Reserve lives during the war

8 feb, 11:43

Ukraine’s recovery: UNESCO mobilizes an additional $14.6 million thanks to Japan

6 feb, 17:39

Askania-Nova: what is happening in the biosphere reserve, which has been occupied since the first days of the war?

2 feb, 14:42

Desna-Stara Huta National Nature Park works despite border with Russia and constant danger

31 jan, 14:54

Ukraine's most restricted area: what is happening in the Chornobyl exclusion zone?

26 jan, 12:35

These territories might not have existed: Shatsky Lakes and what threatens them during the war

24 jan, 17:23

How the Roztochia Biosphere Reserve lives in wartime

19 jan, 15:32

Ancient sheep farming and the river express to Hungary: Carpathian Biosphere Reserve during the war

17 jan, 12:14

Conservationists in captivity and "titans" of deciphering: how the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve lives during the war

12 jan, 16:01

Ancient primeval forests with a ban on visiting: how Eastern Carpathians biosphere reserve lives during the war

4 dec, 15:20

"Shchedryk" or "Carol of the bells"? Why the piece of Ukrainian origin is worthy of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List

11 oct, 22:01

UNESCO trains 50,000 Ukrainian teachers on digital pedagogy

3 oct, 14:52

"We want other cities to work according to our concept": how masters restore historic doors in Odesa

18 sep, 09:07

Ukraine: UNESCO sites of Kyiv and L’viv are inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger

8 sep, 11:45

Ukraine: 20 cultural properties receive enhanced protection by UNESCO’s Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention

21 aug, 23:04

Ukraine: 15,000 school psychologists trained by UNESCO to support learners and teachers

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