What's Happening
3 feb, 12:05

No masks and remote work: which countries are lifting coronavirus restrictions?

25 jan, 19:05

Restoring the smell and taste after covid with aromatherapy? We asked the patient and the doctor

10 jan, 10:30

(Non) compulsory vaccination: what the courts think

8 jan, 14:45

Vaccinating with the third dose or the fifth? What is known about boosters

6 jan, 13:32

Booster shot for COVID-19 now available to all adult Ukrainians six months after last jab

29 dec, 18:28

Vereshchuk: Ukraine will not recognize any COVID-19 vaccine made in Russia

28 dec, 17:30

5.5 million Ukrainians used vaccination payments

28 dec, 09:00

A new coronavirus variant in Ukraine. Why is the advent of Omicron good news?

27 dec, 10:57

1000 from Zelenskyy: why is it needed and why is it important to use it?

18 dec, 17:54

More than 80 countries to accept Ukrainian COVID certificate

14 dec, 11:41

Ukraine has already met WHO's goal of covid vaccination of adults

11 dec, 17:34

Ukraine gets EUR 50M loan from EIB to buy COVID-19 vaccines

11 dec, 08:10

COVID-19 in Ukraine: Health officials confirm 10,133 daily cases as of Dec 11

18 nov, 17:00

(Non) compulsory vaccination: principal positions of legislation

16 nov, 09:20

Anti-vaxxers are false prophets of our time

15 nov, 09:57

Odesa residents can get covid vaccination in a special tram

13 nov, 08:10

Ukraine reports 23,572 new COVID-19 cases

11 nov, 07:45

Covid vaccine for children: how to vaccinate a child in Ukraine

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