21 oct, 17:46

War artifacts transformed into art: Kyiv showcases exhibit of Russian-Ukrainian war remnants

Special project
4 oct, 16:25

Yana Koretska: "I feel my mission is to tell Irish people about Ukrainian culture"

28 sep, 15:44

"The Lost Souls of Bucha": Ukrainian documentary filmmakers win Emmy Award

28 sep, 11:59

Cultural fortitude amid war: Ukraine to invest five times more in cinema and books in 2024

10 sep, 15:37

Vinnytsia artist creates stereoscopic paintings using wooden cubes, setting new Ukrainian record

20 aug, 16:28

Solutions from Ukraine: Ternopil team sheds light on repressed Ukrainian artists through anti-stress coloring page

10 aug, 14:01

Ukraine tracks circumvention of sanctions by Russians with new art database

10 aug, 12:53

Ukrainian art rescued, heritage preserved: Mykolaiv digitizes marine painting collection from war-torn town

23 jul, 22:00

Ukrainian artists create mural dedicated to animals rescuer from Kyiv region

19 jul, 16:19

Russian army damages 664 sites of Ukrainian cultural heritage – Ministry of Culture and Information Policy

27 jun, 16:33

Hermitage museum branch in Amsterdam changes its name after breaking ties with Russia

27 jun, 11:24

EU backs Cultural Mosaic Art Open Air in Kyiv to showcase resilient Ukrainian heritage amid war

28 may, 13:54

Urban solutions: Dobropark plans to create a valley of modern art near Kyiv

25 may, 13:16

Film, computer parts, and old disks: a Kyivan creates unique pictures from plastic collected on river banks

21 may, 20:21

Installation dedicated to Azovstal war prisoners unveiled in Kyiv

15 may, 18:00

The Ukrainian Museum of Contemporary Art hosts a unique, decentralized exhibition spanning different genres and disciplines

19 apr, 15:02

Donetsk regional government hosts photo exhibition dedicated to occupied salt mining town of Soledar

1 mar, 15:10

Ukrainian conductor Oksana Lyniv received the award “For significant contribution” from the Oper!Awards 2023

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