4 jul, 23:22

How many and where: fire statistics in Ukraine in free access

1 jul, 10:23

Eco-solution: students from Ternopil region launch a campaign against violence against animals and birds

29 jun, 14:29

European Commissioner for the Environment Virginijus Sinkevičius named three main problems related to ecology in Ukraine

5 jan, 11:16

350-year-old trees being destroyed in Foros Park in occupied Crimea

4 jan, 09:55

A rare phenomenon over the frozen Pidennyi Buh River recorded in Khmelnytskyi

12 nov, 11:33

Bears lairs set up in a rehabilitation center in Khmelnytskyi region

26 oct, 10:55

Nature-oriented space is being created in Lviv

20 oct, 14:37

Scientists in Zakarpattia studying Europe's largest beech virgin forest

19 oct, 10:49

Kyiv region officially has its first natural forest

15 oct, 08:56

Two classes for open-air lessons set up in Synevyr National Park

14 oct, 14:22

First public greening budget launched in Ukraine

8 oct, 10:53

"Let's Plant a Forest together": 7 hectares of forests were planted in Bukovyna in a few days

29 sep, 13:15

50 hectares of forest will be planted in Vinnytsia region within 2 months

31 aug, 14:40

There may be no winter in Ukraine in 20 years - Kulbida

People of Action
7 jul, 11:35

"I lived like Mowgli in bird colonies" — how does the nature reserve fund employee's day look?

Where to Go
19 jun, 12:45

From the Carpathians to Sloviansk: Ukrainian lakes worth visiting this summer

4 jun, 09:53

Green or rural tourism. What to visit in Ukraine?

24 may, 10:06

Parks Day. How to plant greenery in Kyiv and save the city from concrete

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