21 sep, 13:38

The term "ecocide" should be defined as new crime in international law – Ukraine's environment minister

19 sep, 18:04

“Ukraine's victory will make Europe's dependence on the Russian Federation and China impossible” or How Ukrainian subsoil can transform into an investment magnet

19 sep, 14:43

Russia has caused $57 bln in environmental damage in Ukraine

17 sep, 09:58

Kyiv activists joined World Cleanup day by hosting dozens of garbage-cleaning campaigns

13 sep, 12:59

Fires ravage Askania-Nova: What is the impact on the Russian-occupied reserve?

5 sep, 15:38

Ukraine incurs $1.5 bln loss and faces desertification of south due to shallowing of Kakhovka Reservoir

2 sep, 16:18

Russian occupiers burn down 7,000 hectares of seized Askania-Nova nature reserve

2 sep, 09:48

Start with yourself: how activists from Zaporizhzhia adjust their region to climate change

31 aug, 15:04

Endangered birds, new ecosystems, and a bunch of lakes: how the former Oskil Reservoir lives a year after the destruction

9 aug, 16:30

Who will destroy Ukrainian rivers first: farmers, Russians, or an outdated treatment system?

9 aug, 15:32

Is it necessary to restore the Kakhovka reservoir: pros and cons

6 aug, 12:30

Valuable areas of Dzharylhach Island being destroyed by fire

5 aug, 14:18

Dzharylhach Island steppe has been on fire for five days due to Russian hostilities – Ukrainian ecologists

27 jul, 15:07

Geographer in the swamps: how and why the Ukrainian National Geographic researcher traveled through the swamps of Polissia

25 jul, 13:43

The de-occupied Kamianska Sich National Park fights against the drying up of the Kakhovka Reservoir

17 jul, 13:15

Sorting waste during the war: why is the No Waste Ukraine organization's activity in due season?

16 jul, 11:15

Kyiv starts using tree watering bags to save plants during summer heat

13 jul, 18:38

11,000 tons of fish lost in Kakhovka HPP destruction worth ₴10 bln

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