20 mar, 21:27

EU and UNDP are creating new opportunities for young people: new youth space opens in Poltava

12 feb, 22:32

Solutions from Ukraine: Poltava school launches digital education center for children

18 jan, 16:25

Rubryka hosts online discussion on helping IDPs adapt in safer Ukrainian regions

3 jan, 14:24

Your grief is my grief: Poltava IDP adaptation center helps newcomers integrate into community

25 dec, 14:05

Ukrainian city of Poltava welcomes new children's support center for domestic violence victims

21 dec, 16:12

Festivals in wartime: profit, security, and army fundraisers

She's got it
25 oct, 12:40

Shirtless: how the forum theater helps displaced women in Poltava to start living again

22 apr, 20:58

Solution to win: Ukraine launches free drone school for teenagers

27 mar, 10:05

Stage heroes became real-life heroes: how Ukrainian theaters support war survivors

7 dec, 14:24

In the city with no water: what to do if the water supply stops

23 aug, 18:30

Toy bunnies and bags in Ukraine's defense: how mother and daughter crochet and help buy a drone for Ukrainian army

10 nov, 08:00

Not just waste: how Poltava region schools turned composting into scientific research

15 sep, 09:32

"To Museum On a Bicycle" initiative will be held in Poltava

What's Happening
13 sep, 09:05

Ukrainian Columbine? What to do to prevent school shootings in Ukraine

She's Got It
1 apr, 16:56

How can retired women believe in themselves again? Story from Poltava

3 oct, 16:45

How EcoBus works. In Poltava, they collect batteries and other hazardous waste at the city level

27 jun, 12:15

The most beautiful places of Poltava region: what you need to see and visit

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