29 nov, 12:49

Ukraine to build its first geothermal-powered greenhouse complex

28 nov, 12:30

From a large production workshop to a small bakery: how a family from Sievierodonetsk continued their own business from scratch

29 oct, 09:42

Ukrainian drones launch multiple attacks on occupied Crimea and oil refinery in Russia

24 oct, 14:25

Ukraine and German company Rheinmetall establish joint venture

17 oct, 16:10

Solutions from Ukraine: Ukraine launches innovative digital platform for industrial fishing project

11 oct, 15:20

Ukraine's intelligence operations target critical military production facilities in Russia

28 sep, 16:13

Russian forces launch two missiles to hit Europe's largest coke and chemical plant in Donetsk region

30 aug, 11:21

Ukrainian IT company Ajax reveals bomb shelter with automatic door that opens with air raid warning

20 aug, 17:10

International donors ready to support the establishment of Ukraine's national wealth fund

3 aug, 16:15

Ukraine's Zakarpattia region extracts its first salt to offset deficit after Russian occupation of Soldedar Salt Mines

10 jul, 14:13

Support crafters and discover new tastes in Ukraine: Katran gastro project promotes local manufacturers of Transcarpathia

10 jul, 14:10

Ukraine starts construction of Bayraktar drone plant

27 jun, 16:56

Ukraine's drone production booms, with over 100 companies now active – Ministry of Digital Transformation

10 may, 09:12

Diia app grants: how to get financing for opening and developing a business

8 may, 11:35

Export Academy offers a free online course for Ukrainian businesses, helping them increase exports to EU

3 may, 15:37

Ukrainian service, food, and alcohol conquer European markets

11 apr, 12:28

Business in the sixth grade: eco-farm from a 12-year-old

10 apr, 15:14

Norway launches support program for displaced businesses in Ukraine's western regions

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