Office of the President of Ukraine

29 sep, 10:43

Truth matters: Yermak-McFaul group explained why russia should be recognized as state sponsor of terrorism

20 sep, 14:57

President's Office believes russia's blackmail with "mobilization" and "referendums" will not work

13 sep, 15:21

President's Office presented initial recommendations on security guarantees for Ukraine

13 sep, 14:07

IBA chief supports creating international tribunal for russia

30 aug, 15:18

President's Office discussed rapid restoration of infrastructure facilities with British Ambassador

23 aug, 10:53

Ukraine's presidential office announces terms of delivery of air defense systems

4 aug, 15:26

Ukraine refutes Amnesty International's accusations of its army endangering civilians

4 aug, 12:29

President's Office reveals what Ukraine needs to negotiate with russia

12 jun, 09:28

EU's first Ukrainian center for displaced persons opens in Vilnius

31 may, 13:57

Ukrainian President's Office says 6th sanctions package adopted against russia is still not enough

30 apr, 11:33

Podoliak, advisor to Yermak: Kremlin ingnores any plans to evacuate civilians from Mariupol

24 apr, 15:10

Current sanctions policy against Russia insufficient – Yermak

29 mar, 15:54

Podoliak: A referendum must be held before Ukraine signs a security guarantee agreement

24 mar, 13:58

Podoliak believes Russia is trying to turn the war into a partially "protracted phase"

22 mar, 08:47

Podoliak comments on talks with Russians: stereotypes are hard to break

16 mar, 12:38

Model can only be "Ukrainian": Podoliak reacted to Russia's statements on neutrality

13 mar, 13:36

4th round of talks will take place one of these days: discussion of compensation from Russia for destruction - Podoliak

5 mar, 12:17

Website launched for foreigners who want to help Ukraine defend freedom: International Legion of Defense of Ukraine

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