23 may, 22:30

Qatar assists in return of 13 children from occupied territories and Russia to Ukrainian-controlled regions

21 may, 13:59

Over 52,000 Ukrainians, including 3,676 children, missing since full-scale war began – Ombudsman Lubinets

22 apr, 14:32

Ukraine returns one more family with children from Russian-occupied Kherson region

1 mar, 11:11

Moscow claims it can hand over bodies of Ukrainian soldiers who allegedly died in Belgorod plane crash

25 feb, 15:59

Over 28,000 Ukrainian citizens held prisoner in Russia – Ombudsman Lubinets

21 feb, 20:50

Ukraine launches free language courses for soldiers

9 feb, 16:10

Ukraine's western city of Mukachevo opens Roma Integration Center

14 jan, 21:10

Ukraine's ombudsman calls for global collaboration to bring all Ukrainians home from Russia

5 jan, 21:55

Putin issues order to grant citizenship to deported Ukrainian children

4 jan, 15:29

Ukraine brings back 12-year-old from occupied Kherson region

7 dec, 18:59

The largest recorded weight loss of Ukrainian soldier during his captivity is 77 kg – ombudsman

7 dec, 14:58

Ukraine confirms abduction of over 19,500 children to Russia

25 nov, 16:10

International anti-domestic violence campaign commences in Ukraine

19 nov, 15:35

Ukraine has returned Mariupol teenager deported to receive call-up to Russian army

10 nov, 15:24

Ukraine returns two more abducted children and makes progress in saving teenager from Mariupol

2 sep, 08:58

Russians have adopted 386 deported Ukrainian children – ombudsman

17 aug, 17:04

Russian authorities have altered strategies on deporting Ukrainian children after ICC warrant for Maria Lvova-Belova – Ukraine's ombudsman

1 aug, 14:59

De-Russification of Ukraine's book publishing sector: record number of Ukrainian-language publications in 2023 – language ombudsman

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