1 aug, 10:55

UNESCO to allocate almost USD 100,000 to Odesa museums, cultural institutions

23 jul, 18:53

Fine Arts Museum damaged in russia’s missile strike on Odesa

7 may, 08:04

Skovoroda Museum destroyed in fire caused by Russia’s missile strike

23 mar, 16:10

Russian invaders destroyed Kuindzhi museum in Mariupol

11 jan, 15:45

Kyiv Museum of Ukrainian Diaspora shows a rare photo of Igor Sikorsky with his invention

28 dec, 22:56

Kyiv's private costume museum nominated for a prestigious award

7 dec, 19:42

The Zaporozhian Cossacks in front of illegal construction: an art project dedicated to the fight against corruption will open in Ukraine

3 dec, 12:37

Renovated Pinzel Museum being prepared for opening in Lviv: it will be barrier-free

15 sep, 09:32

"To Museum On a Bicycle" initiative will be held in Poltava

3 sep, 20:39

Ukrainian-language audio guides to be launched in two museums in San Francisco

13 aug, 22:53

Thirty-seven Ukrainian-language audio guides launched in museums around the globe

12 aug, 11:57

For the first time in the UK: a Ukrainian-language audio guide in London

8 aug, 13:19

World’s eighth electric guitar museum opens in Kyiv

Where to Go
6 aug, 09:35

Picasso and Malevich in a Ukrainian village: why you should visit Parkhomivka in the Kharkiv region

13 jul, 12:16

Museum-memorial on the Dnieper slopes should be completed by the Holodomor 90th anniversary - Zelenskyi

24 jun, 11:45

Ukrainian Diaspora: 6 amazing facts about how identity was preserved away from home

18 may, 11:15

Feel at home. How a London shelter became a museum and ideas for Ukraine

17 may, 09:25

Museum Day: which Kyiv museums you should visit this week

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