Ministry of the Environment

15 may, 15:10

Turning Ukrainian forests into protected areas: success stories and obstacles

17 apr, 14:09

Why more than 200 hectares of forests in Ukrainian Arshytsia mountainous massif should receive a protective status

7 mar, 17:42

Creating nature reserves in Ukraine: a timely solution during and after the war

23 feb, 12:18

Two years of ecocide: uncovering Russia's destruction of Ukraine and its global consequences

8 jan, 16:10

Eco-solutions: Uzhhorod launches new garbage sorting site for improved waste management

14 dec, 14:14

How to protect nature reserves without getting up from the couch?

7 nov, 18:56

Ukraine's path to global competitiveness: creating its equivalent of "Real Madrid" in subsoil exploitation

23 oct, 20:51

United to win: Germany to assist Ukraine in gathering evidence of Russia's environmental crimes

10 oct, 13:39

What is wrong with the Homilsha Woods in the Kharkiv region?

9 oct, 14:20

Instead of blueberries, a stinking swamp: what is the problem with jeeps in the Carpathians and what to do about it

4 oct, 14:26

Ukraine commits to upgrade waste management, aligning landfills with EU standards by 2030 – environmental ministry

18 jul, 13:30

Kyiv installs autonomous solar power stations to supply energy to hospitals

12 jul, 17:20

Britain and Norway pledge over €5 mln in aid to Chornobyl zone

7 jun, 17:20

"Kakhovka dam explosion is the largest act of ecocide since beginning of full-scale war" – Ukraine's environment ministry

27 mar, 15:55

Ukraine will gradually replace all landfills with recycling plants – ecology minister

24 mar, 23:07

"The environment has no borders", Ukraine speaks on russia's damage at UN Water Conference

20 feb, 16:55

Lake cleaning: destruction or help to the ecosystem?

10 aug, 18:33

The damage to the nature of Ukraine from one russian tank

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