13 may, 16:42

Kuleba names Ukraine's and Central European Union's priorities

13 may, 12:32

Kuleba reports on results of talks with Hungarian Foreign Minister

7 may, 14:13

Kuleba calls on Ukraine's partners to increase pressure on Russia for a constructive approach in "Normandy"

28 apr, 16:55

Minsk agreements have many traps for Ukraine - Kuleba

23 apr, 16:12

Kuleba informs how the meeting with representatives of NATO's Eastern flank was

23 apr, 10:20

Kuleba informs he'll talk with foreign ministers of 3 NATO countries

19 apr, 17:08

Kuleba offers EU countries a step-by-step action plan to contain Russia

12 apr, 13:42

Kuleba to arrive in Brussels to take part in extraordinary meeting of NATO-Ukraine Commission

1 apr, 09:36

Ukraine will establish a Center for Juvenile Justice to investigate sexual abuse of children

25 feb, 12:40

Foreign Minister Kuleba is to visit France

19 feb, 10:57

Wave of repressions against Crimean Tatars is the basis for introducing new sanctions against Russia - Kuleba

19 feb, 10:22

Embassy is working to prepare a conversation between Zelenskyi and Biden - Kuleba

9 feb, 13:09

Kuleba: Kremlin failed to promote "Russian world" in Ukraine with tanks, so it won't do it with soft power

27 jan, 14:34

Ukrainian-Hungarian relations should be approached with a warm heart, but with a cool head - Kuleba

21 jan, 12:16

Kuleba: We plan to bring strategic partnership with the U.S. to a new level of trust in 2021

19 jan, 13:18

Kuleba: Russia's aggression against Ukraine remains among OSCE priorities of Sweden's leadership

14 jan, 13:53

Kuleba launches UKRAINE.UA about modern Ukraine for foreigners

12 jan, 10:12

Kuleba: Sandu's visit to Kyiv testifies to resetting relations between Ukraine and Moldova

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